Writing freely from your heart, without self-criticism or judgment, brings about tremendous emotional, mental, and physical release. When you express yourself on paper, hidden or suppressed feelings and thoughts become tangible and you can view them objectively. Once you can see and feel things outside of yourself you can understand yourself better and make positive changes. Journaling brings clarity to your mind and vision.

Journaling is all about you and your page. The page doesn’t talk back to you. You are free to express your innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, fears, or concerns.

There is absolutely no cost involved in journaling, except an initial investment in buying a journal of your choice and a pen. Handwriting is better than online journaling. We use a different part of the brain when we hand write, which helps open the mind.

Journaling requires no previous writing talent, and you can use any language to express yourself. It’s your private space to be yourself.

Your mind is clearer afterwards, and you are more aware of your own patterns.

You experience personal and spiritual growth. Knowing thy own self helps one live one’s truth.

Journaling Ritual

  • Create your special writing space where you are totally relaxed and surrounded by peace, natural light, and some essential oils in the diffuser (Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood, 2 drops each, make a wonderful meditative blend).
  • Clear your mind, take a few deep breaths, and relax. Let your thoughts flow freely. Do not let the inner critic’s voice censor that creative flow. Remember, no one must read your work unless you let them so make the most of this privacy and politely ask that inner voice to “back off!”. Grammar and punctuation are the least of your worries when you are journaling.
  • Choose a topic. If that seems too hard then just start to write in the moment…begin something like this…” I’m putting my pen onto paper and waiting for a topic to come into my head. Right now, I can smell / I can hear/I can remember…” You will be surprised how writing in the moment can lead to hundreds of other topics you may want to write about.
  • Put every thought onto the page. Start writing words and let them guide you through what you are feeling inside. As you feel the emotions, write them down. Make these feelings tangible.
  • Some helpful prompts are:

– How was my day today?

– What feelings came up for me today?

– What events triggered these feelings?

– Did I discover anything new about myself or anyone else today?

– Are there any unresolved issues in my life?

– Do I want to say something to someone but haven’t been able to?

– Why, what is stopping me?

– What do I fear?

– What do I rejoice over?

– What or who hurts me?

– What do I value in life?

– What am I doing daily to remain true to my values?