The old man and his dear wife too spent
almost year mostly in isolation to help
minimize spread of Covid-19.Although living on acreage they had room
to move within bounds of the place.

But every time he came out of isolation
to visit the market place or a bank outlet,
an office or friends at home, he was found
have sore throat or a fresh bout of cold.

That would be gone in a day or two but
at times it continued to linger for many
more days.

As this continued he was at a loss to know
about what was happening to his own self.

The best he could think, being in advanced
age that he was ageing at a faster rate.

Although he was happy to note that his mind
remained fresh able to think, recollect and
create anew.

But when he shared this with his daughter,
and others young and old, he was assured
to know that others too were meeting with
bouts of infection.

Suddenly it dawned on him like a flash
of lightning that the isolation had served
to cause herd loss in immunity.