While mobs of pro-Trump supporters rioted and stormed the iconic American buildings in Washington on Wednesday 6 January, with Democrats winning both Senate seats in Georgia, the party now controls the Congress and the Senate in addition to the US Presidency likely to bring normalcy to the country after four years of mayhem by Trump.

Trump rioters inside the Capitol Hill building.

After weeks of  Trump’s false claims about voter fraud  costing him the presidential election, Washington erupted in chaos on Wednesday 6 January as his supporters stormed the Capitol during a joint session of Congress to certify the results of the recent US elections.

David Smith from the University of Sydney writes in the Conversation, “Trump has spent weeks insisting the election was stolen, with very little push-back from the Republican Party. There have been some notable people who have challenged him, but even while this riot was going on, there were more than 100 Republican lawmakers trying to block certification of the election. This has been a highly opportunistic process on the part of Republican legislators.”

“Amid all of this, it was inevitable at least some Americans would take the word of their current president very seriously. Having fired them up in this way, it becomes much harder to control mob behaviour. His belated tweet telling protesters to go home and go in peace (now removed by Twitter) was far too little, too late.”

CNN reported, “The insurrection at the heart of America’s democracy, egged on by Trump’s rhetoric, represented a stunning show of force for the fringe movements and their adherents”.

“The mob of Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday included conspiracy theorists linked to QAnon and the Proud Boys — two right-wing extremist factions that President Donald Trump repeatedly refused to condemn during his election campaign last year.”

Trump supporters breached the Capitol carrying Trump flags and dressed in costumes.

Storming of Capitol Hill building in Washington has been compared with the storming and destruction of Babari mosque in India by Trump’s US and Modi’s Indian fascists respectively.

US President Trump and his support for white supremacist has been compared with Indian PM Modi’s support for Hindu supremacists in India and the strong bond the two have developed during the last few years that has brought chaos in both nations.