The Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) at the University of South Australia (UNISA-Adelaide) is delighted to announce the offering of the new Major in Islamic Studies from semester 1/ 2021. All courses are fully online that could be taken locally and interstate.

The major consists of main courses as follows: Understanding Islam, Islamic Law 101, Islam and Global Politics, Islamic Civilisation, Eastern Origins of Western Civilisations, Arabic Level 1A, World History Trends and Transformations, and Intercultural Communication. The Major will provide students with a deeper understanding of above mentioned courses.

Understanding Islam aims to develop students’ understanding of the most fundamental aspects of the religion of Islam, including its origin, main teachings and practices, and diversity of its representations. The course enlightens the most important contemporary issues around Islam and Muslims such as Islam and democracy, women and Islam, Islam, and Jihad.

Islamic Law 101 aims to develop students’ understanding of Sharia (Islamic Sacred Law), and the meaning and scope of Sharia, (dealing with law, ethics, morals, and spirituality). It aims to assist students in their understanding of Islam’s sacred law and its application in Muslim majority nations, and non-Muslim nations. Furthermore, it sheds light on the similarities and differences between Sharia and the Common law.

Islamic Civilisation aims to develop understanding of the factors that led to the rise and fall of great Islamic empires; to develop students’ understanding of the conditions in which various Islamic empires originated, and the relationships between religion, power, culture and economy in their creation. The course emphasises the interconnectedness between Islam and other civilisations, such as the Greek and the Western civilisations, by examining some contributions to science, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.

Eastern Origins of Western Civilisations aims to demonstrate civilizational interconnectedness through an in-depth study of the vital contributions of Indian, Chinese, Islamic and African civilisations to Western civilisation

Arabic Level 1A aims to build beginner-level proficiencies in spoken and written Modern Standard Arabic and to stimulate intercultural reflection. It  also aims to develop the learners’ capacities for successful interactions with Arabic-speakers in Australia or overseas.

Islam and Global Politics aims to advance students’ knowledge about the role of Islam in contemporary international affairs through the prisms of both Islamic and Western discourses.

The Major will enable students to engage with Muslims and non-Muslims on intellectual grounds concerning issues in the contemporary context, enhance their cultural and religious competencies and capabilities and manifests these understandings and knowledge in contemporary professional settings.

The study of these courses can enhance career opportunities in media, politics, foreign affairs, and education. The courses are online, and the contents are designed in a welcoming and inclusive environment that makes for easy engagement with course coordinators and to meet your academic expectations. Students can choose to take the courses as Major, Minor or single electives.