Music for Refugees ran a fundraiser in Sydney last year for the refugees of Burundi who were, and still are living in poverty in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

The main focus of the fundraiser was about a church and refugee camp clinic in Uganda called Abaryango in Nakivale, where there was no water, very little medical supplies and shocking living conditions.

The money collected at the fundraiser was sent to that refugee camp and after lots of construction work, they now have water, reasonable medical services and much better living conditions. See the pictures below.

Philip Feinstein, head of Music for Refugees in Australia and the organiser of the event said: “It was wonderful to see so many Australians put their hands in their pockets to donate money towards these unfortunate people. The evening was good fun with lots of Burundian dancing and singing, but it was the desperate situation of the refugees that really got people to come to the fore.”

Margaret Court of Australian tennis fame, has just won a prestige Australia Day Award for her tennis accomplishments. The Australian government did not recognise her anti-gay and anti-lesbian stance, as well as her acceptance of the dangerous Burundian state to have a consulate in her Perth church.

Uganda recently had their elections and the result was excellent from a Burundian refugee perspective, as the previous government remained in power and will hopefully continue helping the refugees as they have in the past.

In Australia refugees in all detention centres are isolated because of COVID-19 and they are not allowed any guests and their lives are quite miserable.

“We are hoping that the government, which has done a good job in preventing COVID-19 from spreading, will also allow these poor souls to have a better life, together with social groups, we are still waiting to have access again to do our music jams for refugees in detention,” Philip said.

Music for Refugees continues to hand out music instruments to all refugees wanting one. “We have opened a branch in Melbourne, so Victorian refugees will now also have easy access” said Philip.

Do you know of a refugee wanting a free music instrument? Contact Music for Refugees on [email protected]