A coalition of right-wing Christian evangelist, Zionists, and Hindutva inspired lobby led by Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is behind the renewed efforts to define Ikhawan al Muslimoon,  the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group to serve the interests of Israel and the Arab despots.

If passed, the bill will enable the US Administration and despotic governments to criminalise anyone challenging dictators of Arabia or pro-Zionist policies of the world’s influential countries.

It will also be the first step to ban Muslim organisations and institutions that espouse people’s right to self-determination.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz reintroduced a bill in US Congress on 2 December 2020, to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The bill’s co-sponsors are Congressman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Florida).

Read the act in full by clicking on the following link: The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act

Ted Cruz and his backers want the State Department to prepare a report on whether the Muslim group meets the designated foreign terrorist group’s criteria and wants the US to stifle the funding they receive to promote their so-called terrorist activities.

He is also in league with President Trump who assured the Egyptian President of his intention to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA when he recently visited Washington.

Apparently, the US Senator is following the lead of Shaikh Abdallah bin Bayyah and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf who were instrumental in declaring the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation in the UAE.

The ruthless Gulf rulers fear that the Muslim Brotherhood might inspire a people-based movement for justice, freedom, democracy, and equality in counties tightly controlled by intelligence and para-military forces.

They are afraid of any independent, organised activity that has the potential to question their legitimacy. They want to keep people as their subjects, not as equal citizens.

The Christian evangelists are against Muslim Brotherhood because it has exposed their political and militant activism throughout the world. The Zionists oppose it for its determined struggle against the illegal occupation of Palestine. At the same time, Hindutva is, in general, opposed to any organised Muslim work.

They use the term radical Islam without defining what do they mean by that term. If they refer to al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, or ISIS, they know it better than the backers of these groups were the Gulf rulers who supported them at the behest of Washington, London, Paris, or Tel Aviv.

No militant group survives in the world without the backing of governments or the militaristic industrial complex that manufactures arms and ammunition.

Islam is neither radical nor passive. Islam does not call for the destruction of Judaism, Hinduism, or Christianity and acknowledges their contribution to world civilization.

However, Islam has issues with injustices, inequality, exploitation, and oppression in all aspects of life. Muslims believe that it is their divinely mandated obligation to change the oppressive human conditions for a better world.

The Muslim Brotherhood believes in the peaceful transformation of human conditions. It is against violence and disowns terrorism of any kind. But Ted Cruz, under the influence of the lobby and despots, sees the presence of any organised Islamic activity as a conspiracy to destroy the West.

They do not realise that the West’s values are not different from the divinely guided values of Islam that emphasise equality, justice, liberty, and freedom. Muslims are aware of the expression give me death or give me liberty, and they do not shy away from offering their lives for human dignity.

The bill is the first step by the Christian evangelists to seek a ban on Muslim organisations, such as Tablighi Jamaat or any other Muslim entity. Like the Gulf dictators, Cruz and his likes want Muslims to be subservient to people like him in the US in their approach to politics and society.