Job Hunting is the most stressful and demotivating experience for most of us. You apply for tons of jobs while all you need is just ONE. So, during the whole experience, the only thing you face is rejection. Wait and rejection can leave you demotivated and stressed.
I have been through this stage and have been around friends and family going through this. It is tougher when you move to a new country and look for jobs as it takes double the effort to prove yourself from scratch.
While I may not be experienced enough to give you tips on how to find jobs, I can at least give you some tried tips on how to deal with demotivation during this whole phase and stay focussed.
So here we go:
1.  Get up, take a shower, get dressed and then start working on your job search. 
Perks of being at home means spending a whole day in your pyjamas. This is a very common mistake that a lot of people who work from home also tend to make. Once you get up in the morning, get ready to face the day by getting out of the clothes you slept in and wearing something presentable. If you stay in your pyjamas/relaxed clothing, you forget the boundaries between work and home. And either you keep losing focus on what you need to do or you keep working the whole day as there is no visual or physical distinction between your working and non-working hours. Both of these are harmful situations to be in. Job hunting requires full attention and thus you need to create the right working environment by starting with yourself.
2. Find a proper place to sit to use your computer. If you do not have a writing table, use your dining table so that you sit in a proper, upright position and pay close attention to the tasks at hand. 
Sit properly so that you can do your work properly. I tend to make (more) mistakes when I type messages/emails from the bed or couch. Sitting in the wrong position can also tire you much quicker and will make you distressed. It is important to sit properly and focus on what you are doing to avoid committing mistakes.
3. Go to a library or a coffee shop or a park if you can some days in the week to get a breath of fresh air. It will open your mind to more things and ideas. 
While nothing beats the comfort of home but, it is good to come out of your comfort zone every once in a while. I suggest that some days, if it is easy to manage, then change your surroundings and work from a different place. I used to walk to a public library near my house and I realised that I got more work done than at home. I used to take a trip to my fridge every few minutes at home, got distracted by chores of the house, took a nap as I had couch nearby… all of this resulted in breaking the flow of things and delaying my work.
4. Do not aimlessly look for jobs the whole day. Read articles, talk to friends and acquaintances in between. Conversations with others can lead you to think better.
You only have a few jobs to apply in a day and maybe not even a single job to apply for some days. So when you get up and get dressed, don’t waste your day. Read articles, talk to friends, go out for networking if you have to (Networking is VERY important). Trust me, talking to people gives you better ideas. In fact, sometimes when I hear myself speak, I get solutions to many of my own problems.
5. Set goals for each day so that you know what needs to be done in that day and you do that with full focus and attention.
Set goals even if they are very small. My goals used to be as simple as contacting at least 1 recruitment agency, applying for at least one job. I had a list of top 100 companies and I made sure I read about or checked the websites of at least 5 from that list and once done, I made goals for the next day. With this practice at the end of the day, I had a sense of achievement and something to look forward to the next day.
6. Take a break from job hunting and enjoy your weekend with family and friends. Meet new people, explore new places, go for a walk or watch movies.
Take a break whenever you need one. Spend time with your family or friends. if you are in a new place, go out and explore. You do not have to spend money. There are plenty of free things to do. A break is absolutely necessary so that you have time to rest, think through and get back to job search with renewed energy and a positive mind. Take a break without feeling guilty.
7. Do not take rejections personally. Keep praying and keep trying.  
Most importantly… do not take rejections personally. It is natural to be impacted by negative events but, it is better not to dwell too long in there. And while you have applied for your dream position at your dream company, continue to look for other jobs too. Most painful rejections are when you have raised your expectations but an offer doesn’t come through. Look for the best opportunity and while you give it your best shot, keep looking for other jobs too.
Job Hunting is tough especially in the times we are living but, remember that YOU are tougher! And that you only need ONE job.