The Sydney Alliance in collaboration with Australian National Imams Council (NSW branch) held their first quarterly meeting on Tuesday 1 December with the the aim in developing greater confidence and capability within Muslim community in addressing society-wide issues, whilst ensuring upholding of Islamic principles.

Imams and Muslim leaders from across Sydney launched “Coordinating of Muslim Participation with the Alliance teams” project, to create opportunities for the community to step up to shape a fairer and more sustainable Sydney while maintaining our Muslim character.

The purpose of the quarterly meetings is for Muslim leaders

1) To be aware of the Importance of Social Engagement in Islam and work with others for social-wide issues.

2) On the other hand, to be aware of the importance of upholding Islamic principles and Muslim character

3) Increase Islamic guiding and directing knowledge in areas of clarification and misconceptions, to be more confident in participating with others.

While for Imams

1) Fulfilling the leadership role.

2) Great opportunity for team work and collaboration.


Imams coordinate social engagement Article

“This year, Sydney has faced many challenges. From the bushfires that burned across NSW, to the air pollution that choked Sydney, to the coronavirus pandemic that impacted so many people’s health, wellbeing and financial security,” said Abdalnasser Abumustafa, a community organiser with the Sydney Alliance and Imam.

“As part of our faith, it is important for Muslims to support the vulnerable people in our community and to work together to face the crises and challenges that we face,” said Imam Jalal Al-Chami, Executive Member of ANIC.


“We worked with divorce leaders with solidarity to insure Affordable and Renewable energy solution for all” said Voices for Power campain’s Muslim Leaders- Sheikh Adid Alrubai, Dr Faisal Magableh, Zubaida Alrubai and Heba Masood.


“The programme has enabled me to collaborate and connect myself with various local Community group. It has also inspired us to take action on the issues that affect our community. Certainly, it has enriched my Islamic knowledge about leadership and instil the appetite to make Sydney a better place for all of us,” said Omar Ahmed, a community leader involved with the Sydney Alliance.

This project also aims to guide Muslim participants to become more representative of the principles of Islam.

“This event was part of an ongoing program where Muslim leaders will be trained, upskilled and guided by the Islamic principles to work for the common good and create positive change on the issues that affect all of us,” said Imam Ahmed Abdo, President the of Council of Imams NSW.

We look forward to seeing the impact trained

For further information and contact:

Abdalnasser Abumustafa, Community Organiser at Sydney Alliance and Imam, 0423 365 006