As the rebuilding of Toowoomba Mosque closes to its final stage, here is a rare opportunity to every Muslim to be a part of the house of Allah that was bunt twice.

We are inviting everyone to join our Live Fundraising Session on Sunday 20 December 2020 staring at 7pm (Sydney time). Please join the event via ToowoombaMosque FB or

Since the second arson attack on the Mosque on 17 April 2015 causing damage beyond repairs, Muslims in Toowoomba have been working hard to reconstruct the only Mosque to the west of Brisbane that caters for about 2000 Muslims.
Burnt Mosque on 17 April 2015
With the help of Allah  and support from many brothers and sisters like you, 80% of the work for the rebuilding of the Mosque have been completed.

The new Mosque building will fit 500 worshippers, including over 100 women, at a time, and it will provide all facilities under one roof.

We already have installed sufficient solar panels in the property and currently we don’t pay any power bills. We will install large rainwater tank to eliminate or minimise the use of town water.

Internal fittings November 2020

Internal fittings November 2020

Along with the high resolution cameras and video recording facilities, we have installed security alarm and surveillance system to protect our Masjid.

On completion, it will be a children friendly Mosque. We will have dedicated space for children in the women prayer area so that the parent could join the prayers with children.

Toowoomba Mosque has a full-time dedicated Imam who is a graduate of AlAzhar University and obtained his Masters Degree from the UK. In addition to leading prayers, our Imam provide counselling to the community, and help manage women and youth activities in the community. He is also the Vice President of Toowoomba Multifaith Working Group.

We have been running after hours Madrassa for many years in the Mosque. About 100 children learn Arabic and Islam under the guidance of our Imam.

Speakers in 7th Annual Toowoomba Int’l Food Festival and Mosque Open Day 14 November 2020. From left Catholic Bishop Robert McGuckin, USQ VC Prof Geraldine Mackenzie, Toowoomba Mayor Cr Paul Antonio and Professor Shahjahan Khan.

Speakers in 7th Annual Toowoomba Int’l Food Festival and Mosque Open Day 14 November 2020. From left Catholic Bishop Robert McGuckin, USQ VC Prof Geraldine Mackenzie, Toowoomba Mayor Cr Paul Antonio and Professor Shahjahan Khan.

Toowoomba Mosque has been organising annual international food festival and Mosque open day since it was established in 2014.

Because of its success and wider community engagement, we have recently received a grant of $7000 from the Queensland Government for the for the 8th episode of the event, to be held in 2021.

The First (Lock-up) Stage of the project, the construction of the new Mosque building was completed in 2019. The cost of the First Stage was over $750,000 in addition to cleaning, surveying, drawing, town planning, and application fee costing nearly $200k. Alhamdulillah, we did not have any problems with the neighbours, and did not involve any legal costs or court cases.

The Second Stage work of the project include all internal fittings including electrical, plumbing, toilet, plaster, aircon, security cameras, painting etc will be completed next month at the cost of about $350,000. With the completion of the Second Stage 80% of the total project will be completed before December 2020 Inshaa Allah.

The Muslims of Toowoomba had worked very hard to collect funds to cover the cost of the First and Second Stages of the work including organising fundraising dinners in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast and Toowoomba in addition to Friday Jumma collections from Mosques in Brisbane, Wollongong, Newcastle, Darwin, Rockhampton, Townsville, Perth and the UK with the help of local Muslims. Toowoomba Muslims thank everyone who have been or will be contributing to the project. May Allah take care of everyone who takes care of His house.

Toowoomba is a vibrant community where leaders of all faiths, cultures and political persuasions are committed to live in peace and harmony. Since its inception, the Mosque community organise Annual Toowoomba International Food Festival and Mosque Open Day. The local daily newspaper, Toowoomba Chronicle, recently ranked the President of Islamic Society of Toowoomba 49th among the 100 most influential people in the city.

The Third/Final Stage of the project will include 56 car parks, two driveways, ramp, rainwater tank, retaining wall, acoustic and normal fencing and landscaping. Toowoomba Muslims still need to collect the estimated cost of about $398,000 AUD to complete the project.

The current shortfall is $350k.

We request everyone to take the opportunity to demonstrate that you care about the house of Allah and none will ever succeed in extinguishing the light of Allah. Every Muslim is welcome to share the obligation to complete the remaining reconstruction work of a burnt house of Allah. Wouldn’t you consider contributing to a project that will witness your care and challenge to foil the evil dream of the arsonist?

Many other activities including monthly Toowoomba Muslim Newsletter is found at its website at and FB

Donations via Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Toowoomba Plaza Branch, A/C Name: Toowoomba Islamic Charitable Organisation, BSB: 064459 A/C Number: 1034 1586. Swift Code: CTBAAU25XXX.