Rahmani Program of Excellence is a decade old educational initiative to raise the hopes of the Muslim community in India through the achievement of excellence in education demonstrating  ‘Yes, we can”.

Mohammad Wali Rahmani, a six-term member of the legislative assembly and the then speaker of the house, established this Rahmani Program of Excellence, also known as Rahmani30.

This initiative fashions itself as affirmative action for the minority Muslim community seeking to create equity in education for the minority community.

The program was established in the wake of the Sachar Committee Report, which was tabled in the parliament in late 2006 and was commissioned by the then Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh.

This extensive report highlighted that the systemic discrimination against the Muslim minority had pushed it lower than even than the scheduled castes and tribes in educational achievements in particular.

According to the report Muslim minority is at the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to access to early childhood education, all forms of schooling, sanitary living conditions, clean drinking water, credits and banking facilities etc.

Specifically, the report mentioned that the Muslim minority has the highest level of dropout rates at all levels of schooling where only 17% of students around the age of 17 complete tenth grade education, only 3.4% of students earn bachelors degree, and are only scarcely represented in the premier educational institutions.

The committee also assessed the civil services appointments and found that the community that makes up of around 15% of the population is represented by about 3% of the bureaucracy.

The release of the report forced a reckoning in the Muslim minority about their declined state leading to hopelessness, fear, and despair.

In 2008, Maulana Wali Rahmani launched several educational initiatives including Rahmani Program of Excellence with the goal to uplift the spirit of the Muslim minority community and to instil hope that success can be achieved by changing the mindset towards the achievement of excellence in education and development of the moral leadership capacity.

The mantra of Rahmani Program of Excellence has been a keen focus on achievement of excellence in efforts leading to successful educational outcomes. The initiative is providing thought leadership, methodology, processes, and tools to other education entrepreneurs to emulate its success to create equity in the opportunities for students to join the premier universities and Institutes of National Importance.

The successes of this initiative in the world’s toughest undergraduate examination known as the Joint Entrance Examination Advanced for the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology institutions has sparked a new thought process in the community about the way it can become successful in the new context.

This debate has shifted the responsibility back to the community with a strategic reliance upon the government where needed.

Rahmani Program of Excellence seeks to build moral leadership capacity in successive generations and it is trying to do so by cultivating mentored leadership via experiential learning with the resources pooling from the community, nurturing young minds to be successful in high impact educational fields, and building enthusiasm, developing aspirations, and creating hope through the demonstration of consistent successes.

Just this year about 88% of its students qualified the National Engineering Examination (JEE), and 37% qualified the world’s toughest undergraduate entrance examination for the Indian Institute of Technology.

In the Medical entrance examination 100% of its students were successful leading to about 60 MBBS admissions in the prestigious and tax payer funded seats in medical colleges.

Many of its students will be joining Institutes of National Importance, a group of a handful of
universities out of 950 universities upon which  more than half of the higher education budget of India is spent while training a mere 3% of the higher education students.

Institutes of National Importance (INI) have a proven record of accomplishment, excellence in
education, premier research facilities, international academic collaboration, highly subsidised fee structure, excellent campus placement, along with lucrative salaries upon graduation.

Rahmani30 remains exclusively focused on premier organisations like the INI for ensuring the long-term success of its students.