What incentives have Muslim Pro App not to sell the personal information of their users? Why would Muslim institutions not disclose the information about their members to intelligence agencies for a price?

When you trust someone without safeguarding your interests and taking every possible caution, you pay the price. Ninety-eight million people who downloaded the prayer time table app will now face the consequences for decades.

Did the US military buy any data from companies serving Christian evangelists? Did they buy data from Hindu Americans collecting information on their fellow Hindus? Did they buy data on Jews with dual citizenship from Jewish groups?

But when it comes to Muslims they spend millions to buy information on how we pray, when we pray, what mosque we go to, what sermons we listen to, what lectures we tune to, and what speakers we listen to? They do it despite the fact that the constitution gives every religious community the freedom to practice their faith peacefully.

Why? Because the power elites still view us as enemies. Enemies to whom? Christianity, Judaism, or atheism and liberalism. Regardless, we are still an enemy in the eyes of power elites.

Our problem is that we do not want to understand the reality and talk straight with them.

They first raise dust from their feet, then complain they cannot see. Who told us to trust web groups that collect personal data? Who convinced us that the information we share with banks, realtors, educational institutions, departmental stores, car rentals or airlines, etc, is safe? Why would intelligence agencies not buy them? Why would big marketing groups not avail them?

The only weapon against deception and wrongdoing is one’s moral compass built in the frame of accountability to the divine. Nothing can prevent you from selling your soul, religion, country, or even family if you do not have it.

It is not the first time the US military or intelligence agencies have bought the data from Muslim groups. In the early eighties, someone in the World Muslim League, known as Rabitah-al-Alamal-Islami (Rabitah)  and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), sold the data about Muslim organisations and leaders who attended its conferences to the US intelligence bidders. The information got shared with Israel and other agencies later. In fact, the intelligence officers were present in their conferences.

In Pakistan and India, selected Islamic group members, as reported, regularly share information with their intelligence agencies of their activities, foreign and local. Tablighi Jamaat is an example. 

The recruits from ISI, RAW, the two main intelligence groups from India and Pakistan, provide detailed information to their bosses regularly. The bosses share this information with Israel, Russia, or the CIA, depending on the nature of their relations.

During the 1980s, a well-known Muslim clergy in England worked closely with MI5 and linked the secret service and the Tablighi Jamaat visiting eastern Europe and Russia. 

From the 1980s till the 1990s, Muslim organisations, mostly from Pakistan, UK, and Europe, worked closely with the CIA, MI5, ISI, and RAW in Afghanistan’s jihad. Of course, it was not voluntary work. They received millions from intelligence and other groups under different pretexts.

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and countries in the Muslim world, several people working in Islamic institutions and parties secretly provide information to agencies directly or indirectly. 

Intelligence agencies spend an undisclosed amount of money on collecting this kind of information on Muslims. They recruit people for the collection, analysis, production, dissemination, or use of information. 

The information relates to a foreign country, a government, political group, party, military force, movement, or other association, or it may relate to the defence, foreign policy, national security, or related policies of their nations. 

They include Activities taken to counter similar activities directed against the United States.

They use the information to launch covert and clandestine activities affecting their nations’ relations with a foreign govt, political group, party, military force, movement, or other association.

They recruit agents for collecting, analysis, production, dissemination, or information about persons’ activities within their countries or nationals abroad.

They also run covert or clandestine activities directed against persons within their borders or abroad, who threaten the power elites’ interests.

The intelligence agencies have a considerable budget, secret, and manifest. For instance, no one, not even the House or Senate intelligence committee members except those who are part of the political elites, knows the exact budget. 

For instance, the CIA’s manifest funding for 2020 for National and Military Intelligence Programs is 86 billion dollars, while the Defence spending is about 760 billion. How much is unknown. Not many Americans are privy to that. 

They purchase individuals and agents. In the US, intelligence agencies collect information about Muslims through their operatives in several organisations and institutions. Sometimes these recruits play the role of sting operators by inciting Muslims and provoking them to say or do illegal acts.

Now the information purchased by the US military from Muslim Pro App will become available to countries working closely with the US where Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Sudan, UAE etc will have access to that data to determine Muslims’ religious and political profile. 

Based on their information, these countries will recruit many of them for their intelligence work. The data collected will come back to the CIA to suggest policy experts’ ideas about their political action. It is an unending process that will continue.

The only precaution one take is to keep one’s privacy intact. Social media is the worst place to share your personal information, and intelligence agencies recruit to collect much of the data from these platforms. 

Please don’t trust any social media forum when it says that the data is safe. No, it is not secure. They sell it to the highest bidder. If they refuse, the intelligence agencies have the power to coerce them to share it.