In the villages of Afghanistan, thousands of people are suffering of blindness due to an eye condition called “Cataract”. This is practically avoidable blindness, however the villagers are not able to afford this very cheap Cataract eye-surgery that restores eyesight.

Most people who go blind due to Cataract are above the age of 40 and often have many children. On average, a family size in Afghanistan is 7 people in a household. As such, when a father, being the breadwinner of the family, becomes blind due to Cataract he is not able to work to provide for his family. This at times lead to the whole family becoming beggars, the children not being able to go to school and looked-down upon by the rest of the society members.

To help restore the eyesight of such villagers in the far stretched villages of Afghanistan that are often also impacted by continuous war, the HADIA Foundation has started a new project to prevent this avoidable blindness and empower the people to have a dignified life.

It costs $A110 to do a Cataract surgery including pre and post medical procedures in Afghanistan through the HADIA Foundation. 

HADIA Foundation is an Australian registered charity with Tax Deductible (DGR) status that operates humanitarian projects in the areas of health (Eyesight restorations, multivitamin for malnutrition children, prosthetics for the amputees), education (mobile libraries) and economic empowerment.

Recently, nearly 30 people including men and women across different parts of Afghanistan went through the surgery made possible with the financial contribution of the Global Aid Foundation.

“I can now read Quran as my eyesight is returned. I couldn’t see anything for the past four years”, Said Mr Lala Gul after the surgery organised by HADIA Foundation.

Another patient, Mrs Bibi Zeba said that “my world was dark, this surgery has returned light to my life and I pray that anyone who has helped me be blessed by Allah”.

A third patient, Mr Hafeezullah said that “I am looking forward to returning to dignified work to provide for my family and not be dependent on anyone else to support me or my children.”

Please help the HADIA Foundation to help restore the eyesight of more people and return to them the blessing of being able to see and through seeing have a life that is full of dignity and real-reliance. Most of HADIA Foundation’s work is carried by volunteers and as such all donations made go directly to our programs without any administrative costs in Australia.

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