The Muslim community in Australia has been in need of an efficient and sustainable support system that they can trust. At National Zakat Foundation Australia, we believe that the need for Zakat distribution in Australia is one that is essential for empowering our Muslim community. 

Real Muslim families, men and women have approached us with heart-breaking experiences of being kicked out of homes, enduring abusive relationships, experiencing sudden unemployment with inability to provide basic needs such as food, rent and education for their children – and the stories don’t stop there.   

Since 2013, NZF habeen primarily focused on local emergency relief and establishing a platform that can provide an end-to-end welfare service for the Australian Muslim community through the pillar of Zakat. Over the years, this has involved the collection and distribution of Zakatprovision of educational resources, and raising awareness about the Islamic obligation of paying Zakat 

This year, aa global pandemic hits nations and their communities throughout the world, we have also seen the impact of its consequences here on the Muslim community in AustraliaWe as Muslims have become an integral part of this country and as we continue to mature in this community, we recognise that to truly allow our Muslim community to flourish we need to look beyond Zakat distribution, and address the underlying root causes of some of the issues that plague our community. 

The need for step change  

Time and time again we see individuals and organisations alike, trying to launch programs in isolation, often with little or no impact. Today, within our community, there are a number of Muslim organisations, businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs on the rise, and we as the Australian Muslim community have an opportunity to connect and grow together by linking our services and initiatives for Muslims in need across Australia.

Now that we have established a foundational Zakat collection & distribution framework in Australia over the last seven years, the time is right for NZF to embark on our next major initiative – long term community programs, in partnerships with other organisations and individuals, that we strongly believe will drive a much-needed step change in our community.  

Throughout 2020, our teams at NZF have been working to build a number of community programs collaboratively with Muslim organisations from around the country and the support of our generous donors.

In addition to our existing* programs we have added more game-changing programs to service Muslims in Australia through four key areas –

  1. Children and Youth
  2. Community Welfare
  3. Emergency Support
  4. Education, Growth and Research

There is absolutely no doubt that the Australian Muslim Community, like any other community, has fundamental areas of need that have long been ignored. If these hurdles are left unaddressed, our community will continue to be one that is constantly on the back-foot. At NZF, we aspire to empower Muslims to be at the forefront of the Australia community.

A proud, selfsustainable community, that enables Islam to flourish in society as a source of prosperity and harmony for all. We need to take a deeper look at why people are jobless, why Muslim orphans get bounced around the system, why Muslim refugees struggle to integrate with our community, and more. 

Our aim is to create a revolutionary platform across the country, that will allow community leaders, service providers, like minded organisations and individuals to connect and provide a range of welfare & empowerment services for our Muslim community.

This platform will empower us, as a community, to tackle foundational issues that are crippling us, at the grass roots level. We believe this is a monumental step forward for our community, and through this platform, we will be empowered to complete the pieces of the puzzle to give our community the necessary foundations set up our future generations for success. 

Over the coming months we will elaborate more on the progress of these programs. However, for now we will be launching the following programs: Yateem (Orphans), Healing Forward (Domestic Violence), and Muslims with Special Needs. 

If you are interested in being a part of these programs, or know an organisation that is already doing some work in these areas please visit us at to find out how we can work together.  

You can also contact me directly via email at [email protected] to be a part of these programs in the following capacities – Service Partner (provide specific services for the program)Program Partner (as individual or through your company/organisation), and even as a donor of Zakat or Sadaqah. 

If you would like to know more about any of these programs for yourself or someone who is in need of these services, please contact our teams at 1300 663 729 to find out how we can help you today.