One of the most articulate and highly respected leaders of the NSW Jewish Community, Vic Alhadeff, has after 16 year’s service as CEO to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies decided to step down.

Vic Alhadeff is a unique person who looked for peace at every available opportunity and became recognised as one of the most respected community leaders.

The Australasian Muslim Times quoted Alhadeff on numerous occasions, most notably when he commended Sheikh Dr Mohammed Al-Issa “for his courageous and inspirational work and for extending the hand of friendship to the Jewish people.” AMUST also acknowledged Alhadeff’s comments and quotation: “ The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies stands in solidarity with the Muslim communities of Christchurch, New Zealand and Sydney” at the time of the catastrophes last year.

Vic is well known for stating his case, not only in calling out antisemitism and defending the State of Israel, but also for calling out hatred directed to other groups as well – cognisant of the wisdom of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks that “The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.”

Vic Alhadeff is the Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. He is a former editor of the Australian Jewish News and a former sub-editor of The Cape Times in South Africa. He has authored two books on South African history, and has also shown his prowess by running more than 25 marathons.

Looking at his future after the NSW JBOD, he said: “Spending time with my grandchildren, engaging with them and playing with them, is as special as it gets. Ultimately, they motivate me to continue doing what I do – combating antisemitism, working for social harmony, and striving to make the world a better place. I don’t want them ever to experience the bigotry which I have witnessed throughout my life.”

Peter Wertheim, Co-CEO of the  Executive Council of Australian Jewry and JBOD honorary life member, stated regarding Vic: “His enormous reputation for integrity has benefited the community by his capacity to use that aspect of his character to build unity with other communities and earn the trust of government. The Board has benefited enormously from his work. He will be sorely missed in that role.”

JBOD president Lesli Berger said, “Vic has been a dedicated and tireless leader and has substantially elevated the work of the Board and its status in the Jewish and general communities”.

Finally, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said of Alhadeff, “His legacy for advocating for his community and for supporting inter-faith activities across NSW is unparalleled”.

As a long-term writer for AMUST, I feel the whole community will miss his open-minded approach.
Go well Vic Alhadeff!

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