IFAM Islamic Quiz for the year 2020 was held online on Saturday 25 July under restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 epidemic, but  first time simultaneously all over Australia.

This year participants were not required to appear physically as required previously when quizzes were arranged face to face in some halls or auditoriums in in various states of Australia.

Some 230 kids of various age groups and educational level participated. Four groups were formed from A to B, C and D from Year 1 through all grades up to year 10.

Islam Forum for Australian Muslim (IFAM) has been organising Islamic quizzes for the school students for several years now. IFAM first quiz was held in ACT some 14 years ago and due to its popularity and overwhelming support by the community, it was later started in NSW and Victoria too.

Aisha Akra from Group B with her First Prize laptop.

The purpose for these quizzes is to make our young people  aware and familiar with Islamic information and teachings that enables them to educate themselves with important Islamic history, Islamic Moral values,  life of Prophet Muhammad (s) and his companions,  and importance of daawah work and upholding our Prophet’s Sunnah.

The quiz is also designed so kids can understand Islamic perspectives on contemporary affairs like environment, Climate change, sustainability and cosmology etc.

IFAM volunteers designed and prepared the booklets according to kids’ level of education and their age. Individual booklets were sent to all participants, for the preparation purpose, well ahead of this Quiz.

The IFAM team responsible for organising this quiz worked diligently towards the success of this event and used “Moodle” software for online implementations of this Quiz.

All the participants of quiz were given gift vouchers ranging from $40 to $ 200. However winners were awarded with special prizes as well.

For small kids in group A, the quiz was noncompetitive however all participants were given gift vouchers. It aimed at encouraging them and building their interest for future too.

However in group B (Year 2 & 3), Aaisha Akra (NSW) won the first Prize which was a laptop of worth $950. Hamza Imran and Haya Majid got second and third position were given gift vouchers of $200 and $ 100 respectively.

Similarly in group C (Year 4-6), Saliha Zameel (from VIC) was declared winner. She was awarded with a laptop of worth $950 as well. Jana Akra and Maira Shaikh stood second and third were also given gift vouchers of $200 and $100 respectively.

In the last group D (Year 7 -10), Nawal Usman (ACT) won the first prize which was a Umrah ticket (worth $1500), Israa Muhammad and Mariam Akra got second and third prize, $200 and $100 gift vouchers respectively.

Brother Nazim Farooq Khan from IFAM ACT, who was the in charge of this Quiz competition, has mentioned that three kids from the same family have got distinguished achievements in their respective groups.

It is an indication that the household environment and parents educational interaction with their kids can give highly inspiring overall results. So it is extremely important to develop healthy intellectual atmosphere at homes for good upbringings of  kids.

This Quiz was sponsored by individuals and businesses like Qartaba Homes, ICFAL, UAK designs and construction (Sydney), Dzine Kitchens, Pacifik Halal Meats (Canberra and Queanbeyan), AAA Rapid homes Sydney.

All the prizes were posted to the kids and were appreciated greatly for their involvement.

IFAM President Mr Rais Khan has vowed on consistent efforts for doing such activities which promotes healthy competition among kids and put their energies towards valuable learning.