The nation’s capital is not only the most active and healthy Australian city but also home to arguably one of the fittest Muslim families.

Husband and father Bilal Berjaoui was among hundreds of fitness consciousness minds that participated at the 34th Weston Creek Half Marathon & 10K Community Fun Run held on Sunday 18 October, 2020. Competitors participated at different categories of the gruelling race.

Bilal Berjaoui participated at the Half Marathon category.

When asked why he chose to participate at the event, he said he hoped it will inspire him to participate at the 42.2 km full marathon race next year. He also revealed that he was actually planning to participate at a different event; The Canberra Times Marathon Festival that was scheduled on 8 November this year but has now been postponed to 11 April 2021 citing COVID-19 restrictions.

“I didn’t want to miss out on a race this year so I decided to opt for the Weston Creek Half Marathon race even though it came a month earlier than my initial practice schedule.

“I have worked out my schedule around the The Canberra Times Marathon training program by doing 30 minutes of run 4 times a week and on Sundays I try to increase on my previous distance starting with 6 kms right to the race distance. Unfortunately, I had to run this race more than a month earlier and without been able to complete my training program. This said, All Praises to God, I am very happy with my performance. I went into race aiming for under 2 hours but ended it just 5 minutes more than the time I anticipated. On the positive side and by the Grace of God, I think overall, the race has not only inspired but made me better prepared for the big one in April next year”.

Bilal Berjaoui is an avid runner and sports enthusiast. He regularly participates at the 5 km Tuggeranong Park Run, a Brazilian jujitsu practitioner and enjoys bike riding with his family.

He said his love for running made him join the Park Run in 2014. He also reveals that his best time at the 5 km run is 20 minutes 39 seconds. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions Bilal Berjaoui provided Jujitsu training to Youths at the Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC) in Monash.

Bilal is employed by the Citadel Group as a Data Migration lead.

His wife, Linda Berjaoui holds a certificate IV in Personal training and have her own fitness business ‘Sista PT’. Linda currently trains women out of the family’s home garage and at the CIC.

The President of the CIC Executive Committee Suhail Khan described Bilal as “an old and respected member of the CIC community and someone who is contributing greatly to Youth development through his Jujitsu lessons”.