Life is a trajectory of challenges of diverse nature. A mind, enriched with knowledge and wisdom is able to see different pictures of a situation.  The questions like  “why I have been put into it?” “for what reasons, I am being subjected to this trial?”. All these queries confer a meaning to a suffering through which a suffering can become less painful and more enlightening.

Everyone in this world has to go through the chain of trials. It is a promise by Allah.

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient.” (Quran 2:155)

No life is without challenges or worries. It has been observed that individuals who try to decipher the message behind the hardships, grow themselves through tribulations.

On the other hand, people constantly whining and complaining over the pain, troubles and issues have difficulty in looking at the other aspect of a test.

They overwhelm their minds and souls with the thoughts which only encircle the dynamics of issues (creating extreme scenarios and hold onto the agonising emotions coming out of it). They involuntarily harm their psyche and personal growth in this way.

The threat can be better understood by delineating two things.

  1. The actual threat – fear coming out of it.
  2. The perceptual threat out of actual one – perceptual fear.

The perceptual fear is monstrous. It branches out into range of burning emotions and feelings which are the real triggers that sabotage mental and physical health.

The strong foundation of faith, reliance over the God’s decision and believe in the goodness of nature can shift ones focus to utilise the challenge for personal development.

Sometimes , in life, challenges appear to train us but we, unfortunately, are deluded by the grave appearance/perception of a challenge and waste our energy by resisting it with all our might.

Whereas, the whole prospect can be altered when we accept the flow of events and trust the Divine nature. The Divine nature always mentor and nurture us in one way or another.

As Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “Life is good for a momin in all its shapes, he is thankful in times of plenty and patient in times of calamity.”

 The psychological support to get through the difficult times can be obtained by:

  1. Reading biographies of people who were subjected to trials and they nurtured themselves though it (Victor Frankl, Nelson, Prophets, Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Rumi).
  2. Talking to people who can offer perspective on a situation rather than aggravating negative emotions (therapists).
  3. Writing your thoughts on a journal.
  4. Seek a time out (going away for a reflection walk).
  5. Quran recitation (pondering over the stories and examples mentioned by Allah
  6. Communicating with Allah (as if He is sitting and listening actively).

No one is spared in this world from the face of adversity but as it is wisely said by Charles Bukowski: “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.