Australian Chapter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI Australia) was established to promote Imran Khan’s vision in overseas Pakistani Community in Australia.

Since its establishment, the local team has been working on many projects and holding community events and fundraiser for various projects in Pakistan.

Recently their Intra-Party election was conducted between two panels “Collaborators” & “Unity” which was won by Unity Panel. Here is a brief introduction of the elected team.

Dr Nadir Hafiz (President) is a psychiatrist by profession. He is affiliated with PTI since 2012. 

Bassam Sheikh (Senior Vice President) is an ICT professional with project management experience and working at UTS.  He is with PTI since it was formed 24 years ago. He is Ex-President PTI Victoria Chapter.

Sami Ather (General Secretary) is an IT professional with a degree in business as well. Ha has been affiliated with PTI since 2012. He is also Ex-President PTI Victoria Chapter.

Touheed Javed Mohammad (Additional General Secretary) is multi-skilled IT professional and Entrepreneur. Formerly, he was Deputy Event Manager in PTI NSW chapter.

On the 12 September, the newly elected team invited all PTI members to meet and greet with them at Nurragingy Reserve Knox Rd, Doonside, NSW.

The program started around 11 am with sausage sizzle BBQ and continued with a networking session. 

Later, President Nadir Hafiz addressed the present members and share his vision, goals and plans for this tenure including

  • Reinvigorate political activities of PTI NSW Chapter
  • Work towards a more united Pakistani community
  • Present Pakistan’s soft image in Australia
  • Provide a platform for the students and professional to work together
  • Engage the Pakistani businesses to create more community partnerships
  • Highlight vision of Imran Khan and hold quarterly meetings to present the work being done in Pakistan to achieve a true welfare state (enhance social media presence)
  • Bring all the PTI chapters across Australia to work together
  • Initiate some groundwork towards PMIK’S visit to Australia
  • Provide opportunities for young Pakistani Australians to stay connected to their Pakistani heritage

PTI Australia is planning to extend the working team. The extended positions are as follows:

  1. Women Wing President
  2. Youth Wing President
  3. Information Secretary
  4. Professional Forum Liaison Lead
  5. Business Liaison Lead
  6. Student Wing President
  7. Social Media Team Lead
  8. Membership Co-ordinators

Expressions of interest can be sent to:  [email protected]

The event was streamed live on YouTube and Facebook by Young Innovators & Pakoz Team and can be watched on PakOZ YouTube channel