March of 2019 marked a ‘decade’ of living an expat life – a reminder that it has been a ‘decade’ to that leap of faith we took when my husband and I packed our bags to step out of our home country and start a life from scratch in a new country.

There are always questions that we get asked about the life as an expat and I thought I can do a mini series of some of these questions and my views on it based on my experiences.

When you have a home away from home, the first and foremost question is:

Where is YOUR home?

I think this is one of the most frequently asked questions you face as an expatriate. More than others, you will often find yourself looking for answers.

I, for one had to face this question while in my home country, Pakistan, as well because I was born in a different city, brought up in a different city and eventually settled and got married in an entirely different city. Due to the nature of my father’s job, I have lived in other cities too for short periods. 

So, I have been at the receiving end of this question for a long time. It got easier when I moved abroad in cases where Pakistan is sufficient answer as ‘home country’, until I run into someone who knows a bit about Pakistan and asks me the city and I actually pause to think what answer to give.

So, I did not know back then how to answer this question, nor do I know now. I don’t think I would ever have a definite answer perhaps, I will always pause and think of where my home is.

Home is here and home is there, and it is as simple or as complicated as that. Looking at the bright side we get the best of both. 

Many may find this double life strange and uneasy, I find that there is a sense of liberation in being able to feel comfortable in any place that you are in and it is almost a miracle to be able to call home a place so far, far away from where you were born. 

If you are in a similar boat, please tell me if you have found the answer.