One and a half years have gone by since Friday 15 March 2019, but I feel like it is just like yesterday.

So many uncountable things happened since that day, including the sentencing of the killer last month, but I can’t compare anything with the terrifying moments on 15 March 2019.

I had never witnessed such horror before, and I pray that I never witness it again. I pray that it never happens to any human, not just Muslims. I pray that every human life is respected as sacred by every human being.

I still see the chaos, terrible sounds of shooting, some rushing out of the main room with blood on them, panic and fear on their faces, screaming from bullet injury just in front of me, dropped bodies on the ground from hit by bullets, blood on the carpet, piles of dead bodies everywhere and I see injured struggling with their pains inside the main room of An-Nur Mosque where I was at the time.

A year has past but these images have not gone away. They are still stuck in my mind and they will always be with me. My love and prayers will be with those killed and those injured until my last breath.

With those traumas, I ask myself again and again, just one question. That question is, “What can I learn from that terrible event?” I love to learn so that I can share my learnings with many others.

To me, 15 March 2019 was a lesson for Muslims as well as for the entire mankind. My main lesson is my dedication to the mission of my life.

Our martyrs taught me to take ultimate dedication if necessary, to fulfil the mission in my life. What is my mission in my life? Allah has outlined it for me in the Holy Quran:

“And I (Allah) have only created Jinn and men, that they may worship (and serve) Me.” (Quran 51: 56)

What does that mission mean in reality? Its simple meaning is that I must worship Allah peacefully, for the divine peace (As-Sakeena) in my heart in this life, and for the everlasting peace in Paradise in next life.

In this noble mission, whatever odds I face, I must continue with patience, perseverance, steadfastness, sacrifices of my wealth or even if necessary, with my life.

Allah taught me to say, “Say, surely, my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying is for Allah, the Lord of the Universe.” (Quran 6:162)

To me, 15 March was a practical lesson of that ultimate sacrifice. Peaceful worshippers took bullets, sacrificed blood, some embraced death and others walked on the path of patience and peace, but they did not give up their noble peaceful mission.

They left a shiny lesson of dedication in peace for the entire mankind. If each human practices own belief peacefully, then the world will be a peaceful place, safe and secure for everyone.

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