On Father’s Day this year, I saluted a father whose son, who has not broken Australian law, was betrayed by the Australian government: Khalil El-Halabi’s son, Mohammed, former Gaza/West Bank director of World Vision Australia, continues to be incarcerated by the Jewish state of Israel.

For Khalil, on the unjust imprisonment of his son everything fell apart as political shysters sacrificed his child to foreign interests (Israeli).

For Khalil, daily a new alien norm of fatherhood is burgeoned with distress and anguish in knowing his child is daily suffering emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Within the restrictions of his own incarceration in the wretched Gaza death camp, Khalil El Halabi pursues online his mission to free his son Mohammad who has been illegally held without charge by Israel since 2016 and is forced to attend court  – over 146 times. This psychological cruelty and abuse of the international standards of the rule of law are condemned by civilised people.

Mohammed was falsely accused  by the Jewish state of diverting foreign aid (Australian funds) to Hamas.

This fake accusation was officially dismissed by the Australian government in March 2017 and by World Vision, nevertheless the Israeli ‘justice’ department beat, tortured and keeps Mohammed incarcerated. Nevertheless, the Australian government simply threw him to Netanyahu’s wolves.

Yet, with typical Gazan sumoud, Khalil persistently pleads to Australia for help,

“My son stands by his innocence and without hesitation rejected Israel’s plea deal. He has been honoured by the UN as a Humanitarian Hero and is a loving father of five children, Khalil, 15, Asem, 13, Amro, 9, Rital, 6, and Faris, 4 who miss him so much. He is a fine man and son. My heart is broken for my son. All he was doing was trying to help needy people.” 

“Every single day I try to do all I can to raise awareness of my son’s cause. Thinking of him humiliated and mistreated eats me up on the inside. I want to hold him close to my chest and tell him how proud I am for all he has done for Gaza and the Palestinian people.”

The majority of Australian politicians are parents and a majority haven’t denounced the grave injustice threatening the child of their parental contemporary. I say this is mainly down to two reasons:  

  • the majority of politicians belong to two major parties and once elected they make the Faustian pact of sacrificing integrity and honour (if ever existed) for ambition which means. . . 
  • by towing the party line that involves, in these three cases, another sacrifice  – sacrificing Australian sovereignty for subservience to Israeli interests and/or zionist donor monies.

On Father’s Day I offered my respect to Khalil for his love, courage and moral integrity and also to our First Nations’ fathers who mourn their child’s death in custody or unjust incarceration.

And, lest we forget the aching fathers in distant persecuted lands whose asylum-seeking children are cruelly incarcerated for the past 7 years by our government.

Shame Australia.