We’ve identified 5 ideas of where to invest in a halal way as we head into the last quarter of 2020, that we are using ourselves to set up for growth in 2021 and beyond.

The reason for our choices is based on the following:

In February of 2020, when China shutdown due to coronavirus, the first impact was the collapse of world trade with production coming to a grinding halt.

With Chinese exports being lower and their inability to produce goods leading to devastating affects on global supply chains.

In order to control the outbreak, the government was forced to lockdown the country.

The media and analysts have opinions on who Australia should be looking to benchmark itself against to recover.

This is bizarre as our unique economy is the one to benchmark against for others, as we have the fundamentals and are poised to recover in a better way, as we have done in past economic downturns.

So, as we recover, here are 5 ideas for halal sectors in Australia to look for opportunities to invest in.

1. Consumables

For some reason the world loves Australian made and Australian backed consumable products. The produce and products made from it are renowned for quality, taste, manufacturing and refined excellence. The label Australian made is brand validation in and of itself.

2. Manufacturing

Australia has made some significant strides in manufacturing capability, technology and innovation. There are companies, both new and old that are disrupting traditional manufacturing processes and also enabling to expedite and make manufacturing more efficient and cost-effective, which makes them attractive investment options as we look to be self-sufficient and not rely externally for production.

3. Technology

Australian and New Zealand have consistently produced some of the stalwarts of modern technology companies. With the focus on remote / working from home now, there are some technology innovators that are coming to the forefront. Some local companies are leading the way in tech revolution.

4. Healthcare

There is going to be a renewed focus in Health care as the big thing countries are starting to understand is the current health care systems are too brittle to cope with a pandemic.

Companies in Australia are leading the way in infection control, testing, modern therapies for diseases.

The combination of healthcare and technology is also propelling some companies ahead of their competition.

5. Mining

Trade between China and Australia has actually increased over the pandemic period.

Our resources are essential for infrastructure projects that will be initiated around the globe, including China. The push for renewable energy will see the demand only increase and no matter the tension with China, the relationship we have with the is mutually beneficial.


So, the big picture view of investing for growth in the current scenario is picking the right sectors, the best halal companies in those sectors on the Australian share market.

At Tabarruk we focus on these sectors above and others, regularly finding companies poised for growth that are worthy of investing in.

This is not financial advice. Please view our disclaimer.