We have received the exciting news that eight year old Paeton James and her dad, Theo have been granted an exemption to travel to Australia to be with her mother Londa James, a teacher at Al Siraat College. The Department of Home Affairs notified her mum, Londa of the good news on the afternoon of Wednesday 5 August.

The family is absolutely thrilled and in tears with joy following this outcome and looking forward to being reunited soon.  Enthusiastic community support and comments have directly contributed to reuniting this beautiful family. 

Paeton can’t wait to be reunited with mum Londa

Earlier in the year Paeton James and her dad were granted a visa and were due to fly out to Australia to be with their mother, Londa James back in April.

Sadly Australian borders were closed due to COVID-19, and the James’ family had been living apart across two separate continents over the last few months.  During this time young Paeton began to experience medical concerns directly related to her being separated from her mother for a prolonged time.

Almost 4000 people signed a petition for Paeton to be reunited with her family which the James family are incredibly grateful for.

We formally recognise the support of Federal MP Andrew Giles and Senator Nick McKim in reuniting the James family and including them by name in their recent speeches. 

The support of the entire AMUST team in raising awareness of the James family petition in AMUST print media and across online and various social media platforms is acknowledged.

Paeton James and her dad Theo will be flying to Australia in the coming days and will stay in quarantine upon arrival possibly for two weeks.

This news is a wonderful demonstration of the impacts the support a virtual community of compassionate people can have, and much needed positive news in this time of uncertainty.