This was on Facebook on Friday 31 July 2020 where 7NEWS Sydney reported that Gallipoli Mosque in Sydney was given a COVID-19 Exemption for Eid Al Adha prayers schedule on the same day.

What the news article failed to report was the Mosque’s usual capacity is 2000 people and that the 400 people were divided into 4 sessions of 100 people each session (as reported by attendees) which is in line with current COVID-19 health advice.

I am absolutely appalled by 7NEWS Sydney media beat up and lack of moderation of comments on this post.

A mixed narrative is always more interesting to the media than a straightforward one, the truth is obviously not news worthy!

Media outlets need to take accountability for the repercussions of their news reporting!

The photo clearly shows that people are lined up and social distancing, unlike what we have seen at other venues and sporting congregations in the media.

Furthermore, 7NEWS Sydney failed to moderate the comments and allowed a vortex of hate speech in the comments by ignorant bigots that made assumptions and conclusions according to this beat up story.

Even when community members commented the details of the day for clarification, they were trolled, harassed and cyber bullied.

With the current world climate, News outlets need to answer to their part in creating a further divide in our society.

The old saying unfortunately still holds true, “If It Bleeds It Leads!”

Things will get worse before they get better if things do not change!

Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing!

It is also worthy to note that Muslims also did not celebrate Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr (our biggest yearly celebrations) as per COVID-19 restrictions at the time.