Islamic Circle of Australia & New Zealand (iCAN) organized more than 640 learning, organizational and social community events for all ages in Session 2019-20, attended by 5000+ people Australia-wide.

July is the month of reflection and reckoning for most organisations in Australia. With the COVID restrictions in-place across the board, it was a challenge to reorganise the workforce, keep them motivated, and elect the leadership for Session 2020-21.

iCAN Consultative Council and Members played a vital role in organising its 5th AGM ‘Online over Zoom’ on Saturday 25 July 2020.  Altogether, 63 members across Australia, attended the full-day event.

iCAN Members elected Br Nabeel Musharraf (Perth) for President and Brothers Amir Rajput, Faisal Haroon, Muhammad Latif, Qamar Mahmood, Rasheed Khattak and Uzair Muhammad for Consultative Council for Session 2020-21.

iCAN AGM Schedule 2020

Some of the salient features from the previous session are mentioned below;

  • Overall 55% increase in the workforce with a 200% increase in sisters’ membership.
  • Most engaging programs of the year were Qur’an and Hadith Circles with persistent participation from the community.
  • Street da’wah, neighbourhood da’wah, and Mosque open day were star events before COVID started.
  • Youth workshops organised in the area of Robotics, Islamic Calligraphy, and Computer Programming besides the sporting events, picnic, Cleanup Australia Day, Qur’an exegesis sessions, and Islamic lectures.
  • Sisters’ special lecture series was vastly appreciated in the ‘Mums’ community.
  • Collaboration with other organizations was well received by local Imams and community leaders.

Last but not the least, volunteers participated in COVID relief activities like meal/ grocery delivery, direct donor/ receiver financial support, psychological support, and super fund related assistance.