“When I fall in love, it will be forever, or I’ll never fall in love.” A song which affected all women’s hopes and dreams when it came to relationships.

The dream of meeting Mr Right and living happily ever after, was every princess’ goal. At last the day comes and they are married only to realise love doesn’t last forever like the song claimed. So, was the song so wrong? Truth is, it’s not.

The heart is meant to fall in love forever. The heart is not meant to break and that is why when it falls in love, it should be forever, however who does it fall in love with?

The word forever is something we all long for, the only problem is, we are not in a place where anything lasts forever. Pain nor happiness are forever on this planet, yet we are expecting our moments to last. When they don’t, we are disappointed and often depressed. Why? Because we are longing for forever in the wrong place, Dunya, this very world.

After many failed attempts to perfect that which cannot be so, women decide to separate their emotions and logic, only to realise they cannot do that either. Women and emotions come hand in hand and that’s what makes them special. Trying to suppress this feature only leads to misery.

So what is the solution?

The mind is a mysterious organ mentioned quite a lot in the Quran, and known to have firm control over human action. Sometimes it is referred to as the mind and sometimes it is referred to as the heart. The question is, which one is in control, the mind or the heart?

I’ve spent most of my life trying to answer this question, only to find the answer being, they are one. Therefore, the time spent trying to separate both entities was a waste, because they worked together.

The real question is who do I let in my heart? The only one who will not break it, Allah the almighty. Only Allah knows how you work and only He can love you forever. Your heart is very precious and delicate. It was created never to be broken and if it does, then it is very hard to mend.

If everything is for the sake of Allah, then everything else is secondary and therefore its loss will not break your heart beyond mending. It is all about the attitude, how you look at life.

My girls will learn this, and I hope you teach your girls this as well. Allah is the one! The one and only! No one will love me more. Everyone else is secondary, and everything else is also secondary.

All which is given to me is a gift, be it my looks or the people in my life. Allah gave them to me and he can take them away and give me better. I own nothing and the world owes me nothing.

The only thing I truly have, is Him.