COVID-19 has shaken the world causing death, sufferings, grief, hunger, freedom of movements, fear and economic struggle. The scientists, health professionals, care givers, politicians and every individual are doing their best to either prevent it, or to help recover from it.

Mankind is united against this deadly virus and is fighting back against it with every possible means. Despite all the wonderful efforts, the COVID-19 is not completely going away. So, is there anything else I can contribute to that fight as a Muslim?

The answer is:  Yes, I can do at least the following things as my faith teaches me:

I must refresh my faith:

I need to strengthen my faith that Allah has the power to remove the virus, or He can grant wisdom to find cure, or He can guide to find ingredients that can cure etc. I need to feel positive, hopeful in Allah’s Mercy, and I should say as Prophet Ibraheem (a) said to his people, “And when I am ill, it is He (Allah) who cures me.” [Quran 26:80]

I must continue my patience and prayers:

I must not underestimate the healing through prayers and the power of prayers. I can be an ordinary person, but my prayer to Allah is not ordinary because Allah has all the extra-ordinary power to help me and the mankind.

Allah has commanded me not to give up in seeking His help. So, why should I lose that golden opportunity? I can pray at home, in Mosque, and constantly in my heart to seek Allah’s protection for the mankind from the COVID-19.

Allah calls me with His love, “O you who believe! Seek (Allah’s) help through patience and prayer. Surely, Allah is with those who are patient.” [Quran 2:153]

I must help humans:

I can help other humans in prevention or in recovery with my knowledge, time, energy, skill or with wealth. My little contribution will add to the service of mankind.

When it comes to the care giving, my faith teaches me that humans have rights on me because humans are one large family to love and care for one another. Failure to do that I will face questioning from Allah in His court in the next life.

Prophet Muhammad (s) taught us, “On the Day of Judgment, Allah will say, O son of Adam! I was sick but you did not visit me (to take care of me). He/she will say my lord! How could I come to visit you when YOU are the Lord of the Universe? Allah will then say, did you not know that MY servant such and such was sick, and you did not visit him/her (to give care, help)? Did you not know, if you did visit him/her, surely you would have found ME beside him/her.” [Hadith, Sahih Muslim]

In conclusion, may Allah save mankind from COVID-19 and grant human unity in love and in peace. Ameen!