The Australian Imams Council together with signatories from almost 50 other Muslim organisations made a joint submission on Friday 21 August 2020 to the Joint Select Committee on the Anti-Discrimination Amendment (ReligiousFreedoms and Equality) Bill 2020 in the NSW Parliament.

This joint submission is made on behalf of the broader Australian Muslim community relating to the Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedoms and Equality) Bill 2020 (Bill).

The submission has been prepared by Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), supported by a number of NSW based organisations with a representative role in the Australian Muslim community and specifically in NSW.

These organisations are listed in Schedule 1 of the submission and therefore,  is reflective of the views prevalent in the Australian Muslim community.

The concept of the Bill is much overdue in NSW. It offers a critical opportunity to address an urgent and pressing concern held by Australian Muslims living in NSW and persons of other minority faiths.

This is in a context where, in NSW, there is no legislative protection against discrimination directed at a person based on their religious identity and belief.

It is important that NSW implements a uniform and consistent protection for all religious communities, particularly in a climate of increasing Islamophobic and antireligious sentiment directed at persons who are readily identifiable with reference to their religious belief, activities and/or affiliation.

Read the submission on AMUST website: