The videos taken by ordinary members of the community witnessing the brutal treatment of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on 25 May 2020 became the catalyst for the world wide movement of Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality.

This was the dawn of  the Age of the Community Journalist where ordinary community members with no training or experience in journalism got empowered in getting their voices heard and effect change.

Thus in this day and age the monopoly of rich and powerful media barons with their own vested interests and agenda are beginning to be broken by ordinary citizens, thanks to the internet and the various social media platforms.

You don’t necessarily need to build media houses by collecting and investing tens of millions of dollars in building infrastructures and appointing highly paid staff in order to disseminate news and views and raising your voice against injustice and oppression.

The humble community journalist can simply be empowered by using his/her ordinary phone to share images and videos in order to convey effective messages that can mobilise citizens to bring about change.

AMUST has successfully, for the last six years, provided the community journalist a platform to share positive good news and raise their voices against oppression and injustice through, simple writings and images, sharing of community news, articulating their views and opinions in a responsible manner.

AMUST fulfils the human right of information for all by providing facts with truthfulness and accuracy and uphold freedom of expression with responsibility.

Currently AMUST is a community based media platform largely catering for Australia & New Zealand region, but now aims to broaden its horizon further to include global issues and strengthen its world wide reach.

The community level local efforts should learn from each other, cooperate and strengthen each other’s efforts by credible communication and sharing of expertise, skills and rich experience.

AMUST is now taking the initiative to reach out to humble community media efforts on a global level in order to strengthen lines of communication, build cooperation and coordinate new initiatives.

AMUST International Webinar is being organised in order to review the existing services on the AMUST platform and the launch new services.

An international line up of diverse speakers, journalists, thinkers and readers of AMUST will be expressing their opinions and will provide advice during the Webinar  followed by a Q&A session by the participants. ALL Welcome to join.

AMUST International Webinar

Date: Sunday 19 July 2020

Time: 3.00- 4.30 pm (Sydney Time)
(Find your local time at registration)

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Program: Presentations and speeches by international speakers followed by Q&A session

All welcome to register through Zoom as well as watch on AMUST Facebook and YouTube.

Please register for AMUST webinar on Sunday 19 July 3 pm: