The story of the Southport Masjid, Gold Coast, is likely one you are familiar with. Protests, opposition, damage to premises, intimidation, confusion and frustration. Sound familiar? Many of you reading this have probably heard of such stories association with attempts to build a masjid in a Muslim minority country, and some of you may have possibly been through that process.

The Arundel Masjid was built nearly 25 years ago, to accommodate a population of around 2000 Muslims. Where would the people go for salaat if there is no room at Arundel? Where would our brothers and sisters go if the city council cracked down on parking?

Every week, some Musallees run across a 4-lane highway to get to the Masjid for Jummah. The Gold Coast Muslim community is some 10,000 strong – and it continues to grow. One masjid, at the north end of the coast, is simply not enough to cater for this growth.

Our need for a second masjid is pressing. A masjid is more than just a building; it is a refuge from the distractions of this world, reminding us of what is truly important. It is a beacon of light that guides us when we have lost our way.

It is a symbol of hope and transformation for all those who are overcome by the pressures of this world and need to recentre and refocus. It is a place where you can feel safe being a Muslim. Where parents teach their children to connect with Allah and pray in jamaa’ah.

For those who are alone, with no Muslim friends or family, it is a place to connect with other Muslims. It is where many of us learn how to be Muslims. Where we learn to read Allah’s words, hear of the sacrifices and dedication of our Prophet Muhammad (s) and learn lessons from the other Prophets (a) and the companions (r).

It is where we are inspired to be better Muslims and better human beings. The masjid anchors us and keeps us tethered to Allah.

The past few years we have been trying to establish the second masjid and have faced all sorts of hurdles. Nevertheless, despite the opposition and challenges, Allah writes what He writes and people’s protests cannot distinguish the light of Allah.

With Allah’s blessing, we have purchased and converted a church to a masjid in the heart of the Gold Coast and a stone’s throw from Surfers Paradise, rendering it convenient for Muslim visitors. The masjid has Quran, Tafseer, Fiqh, Sisters, Revert, and Youth Programmes in addition to the regular solat.

The masjid was purchased through qard hasanah (benevolent loans) from several members of the community. Some of those members are feeling the pinch of COVID-19 economically and have requested support from the masjid to pay them back.

If we are unable to do this within the coming months, then we are risk having to sell the masjid in order to meet our financial commitments to them. We are sending the call out to the Muslim Ummah to support us in this time of need.

Please visit our website or YouTube Southport Mosque Gold Coast, learn about our story and share it with others. Your support is needed and makes a difference.

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