God Almighty desires that we address His Signs and rectify our aberrant selves: “Surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition; and when Allah intends punishment for a people, there is no averting it.” (Quran 13:11)

While Covid-19 originated in China, other countries were most severely impacted as seen in the highest fatalities (United States, Brazil, Italy) and highest death rates (Belgium, UK, Spain).

What are common traits of these countries? They were leading colonisers and superpowers who although promoted some positive practices, have not rectified their dishonourable legacies.

Some persist in greed for power while disrespecting human dignity, which oppresses deprived groups (African-Americans, Palestinians), and shows in excessive materialistic capitalist-promoted consumption ravaging earth’s sustainability and causing climate change and extinction crises.

Let oppressors fear Prophet Muhammad’s (s) admonition: “Beware of the prayer of the oppressed … for there is no barrier between it and Allah” (Hadith, Ahmad)

People suffering most are in the US, Britain, Brazil – Britain and the US being Anglosphere-core countries and prime movers of Western civilisation.

Their elitist leaders ignored Allah’s Decree with arrogance by disregarding health precautions or lacking concern for vulnerable citizens. Trump acts like a king shooting the messenger – Dr Fauci – for bad news, while Brazil’s President Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson both contracted the virus.

Regarding virus suppression, East Asian states displayed superior decision-making in prioritising collective well-being.

Contrarily, unequal individualistic Anglo-American societies are ideal pandemic breeding grounds.

Anglosphere Five Eyes’ countries aligned with Israel share intelligence aiming for a post-colonial global hegemony with white supremacism, which caused severe hardships especially for Palestinians and the Muslim World.

Certain US elites railed against cries for social justice to ensure citizens live at a minimum survival level. Kidnappings of peaceful protestors off Portland, Oregon streets by unidentified Federal agents reflect Israeli police training helping shore up powerful elites.

In the US and Brazil, the virus disproportionately affects blacks – legacy of structural racism dating back to slavery.

Brazil received the largest number of African slaves and today half the population is black.

King Philippe responded to criticism of Belgium’s brutal rule in the Congo, estimated to have caused 10 million deaths under Leopold II, by expressing “deepest regrets.”

Increasing calls are heard for reparations from former enslaving countries – Britain and the US – and communities in Africa hit hardest by Western slavery still have not recovered.

Brazil just passed a racial equality law, but removed affirmative action policies.

In “Fire Next Time”, James Baldwin called for a moral revolution: “To survive as a human, moral weight in the world, America and all Western nations will be forced to re-examine themselves’’ to “discard  nearly all assumptions” used to justify their ‘crimes’. The fire Baldwin imagined is now raging.

The Democratic Party belatedly plans a minimalistic social state through worker-protection laws and expanded government-backed health insurance.

Australia received our wakeup earlier with the Spring-Summer bushfires. Earlier AMUST articles identified major problems, wasteful consumption levels and excessive carbon emissions; supporting the US in oppressing peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Palestine with the government’s anti-ICC actions.

Principled Australians need support First Australians over historical injustices by promoting a treaty and special parliamentary representation.

In reforming, Anglo-core countries have an eminent example – New Zealand. PM Adern just announced that rather than GDP, the Budget adopts citizen’s well-being as its prime objective (an Islamic concept).

This is a game-changer that all nations could adopt since the ultimate test of  good governance is community-centred well-being, not that of an exclusive elite.