It is our day-to-day life observation that we are attracted to some people and not to others. When we go to any party we can feel that we are reluctant to talk to some people but are drawn to others without any clear cause.

The study of spirituality and psychology have invested a lot to infer about continuous series of notions also the way we perceive and frame things in our minds with its effect on ones aura. Psychological sciences have vigorously researched as how thinking can shape our personality? It further investigates the way it designs and develops ones magnetic field.

This is the main thing, which actually repels and appeal other individuals. The unceasing series of thoughts build our magnetic field which can be positive or negative depending on the nature of a thought content.

The habit of deleterious thinking, suspicion and paranoia mark ones magnetic field with damaging effects. On the other hand, if you work on a thinking process and look at adversities from a progressive perspective then it would impact ones magnetic field differently. The later field would attract positive people.

Thinking habits have a close link with our magnetic field. It reciprocates with each other and have a major impact on how we want to design our magnetic field.

Apart from this discussion about negative and positive fields, we may want to know more about how to develop a habit of thinking positive? every individual gets thousands of thoughts every day. It is very hard to filter each and every thought but we may want to know how to inculcate the habit of thinking positive for most of the day?

What are the things which can help us to do so?

  1. Reading biography or autobiography of those people who have been through crisis and difficult situations which nurtured and grew them
  2. Increase the emotional vocabulary for appropriate expression
  3. Focusing on once hobbies. because hobbies are outlets which may help us to detoxify
  4. Talking to a friend
  5. Writing a journal
  6. Reading

All these activities would help us to work on positive lines. While, indulging into gossiping, talking bad about people, getting into fruitless conversation and wasting ones time, doing nothing productive can render ones thoughts to be unhelpful.

According to Imam Shafi “Your Nafs – If you do not keep it busy with truth, it will keep you busy with falsehood.”

In other words, if you will not engage it into positivity then it will put you onto unconstructive path.

It is easier for a person to think negative than positive.

This is just like a backyard garden, if you leave it then weeds would come out by itself but for plants, fruits and flowers you have to sow seeds, water it and exposure to sunlight and proper temperature are essential and only then you can harvest fruits and flowers.

In the same way, one has to work on his or her thinking pattern and content to flourish positive magnetic field.