Wassim Dabbousi has been named as a Global Peace Ambassador representing Australia, for the Global Peace Challenge 2020 while spreading the mission of sharing stories about peace-themed events, organising events and recruiting other supporters. 

Being involved in both the business and employment environment for decades and soaking in the experiences, Wassim was highly empowered to be the person that he is today.

“As a migrant to Australia at the age of 10, growing up in one of Sydney’s toughest areas in the 90’s, I had to quickly learn to overcome adversity, bullying and peer pressure at a young age to survive in the South West,” he said.

Known as a man who is humble, real, and ambitious, despite being without a job a year ago and staring at a life-altering decision, he never backed down from challenging situations.

“Whether it was falling out of love with my wife, or losing $100,000 in one day when my business partner walked out on me, being diagnosed with high blood cholesterol at an early age and other health challenges and addictions… Having a weak, negative, fixed mindset and being in the depths of depression and on the verge of suicide… I have faced many challenges in my life and every time I was able to dig deep and find a solution and that is what I bring to my clients,” said Wassim.

At that point in his life, he was teetering between trying to decide whether to find a new 6-figure, 9-to-5 job or break free to chase after his dream of helping others. He chose the latter.

“You Will Get All You Want In Life If You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want,” said Wassim.

Wassim strongly believes that when he makes his primary goal to help others his top priority, he will inevitably find people who will help him get what He wants in life.

His selfless nature has finally bore fruit.

The Global Peace Challenge 2020 is a year-long celebration featuring local and worldwide events dedicated to promoting peace around the world.

By uniting like-minded people around the world and sharing their stories and experiences on social media, the message of peace will be heard by millions of people.

When millions of people of all races, religions, and countries demand and promote peace, people will listen.

“My mission and purpose in life is to make a positive dent on the world to be a better place. One human, one family, one community at a time, ” said Wassim.

More specifically, the purpose of the movement is to build and grow an online community of peacemakers and peace seekers to encourage, promote, and chronicle peace-focused activities throughout the iconic year 2020.

The mission is to provide a positive force to offset all the negativity and violence people encounter daily, whether through personal experience, news media, or social media.

Wassim, being a part of this local and worldwide event to promote peace around the world is befitting to the T.

With his unique background and experiences, he will be able to help millions of people of all races, backgrounds, and from all countries around the world by sharing his stories.

As one of the strongest proponents against injustices and racism, he will be at the forefront of THE CHANGE we desperately need.

Because positive changes take one human, one family, one community at a time, Wassim is the perfect one-person to embark on this human journey.

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