With the publication of  Issue #176 July 2020, AMUST enters into the seventh year of its publication as a  community multimedia news platform.

During the last six years the Australasian Muslim Times AMUST  has consistently delivered an alternative service when compared to the mainstream media away from largely sensational and negative news towards empowering the community by publishing positive good news and alternative views.

AMUST fulfils the human right of information for all by providing facts with truthfulness and accuracy and uphold freedom of expression with responsibility.

Young people in our community are provided with the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions on current affairs, share their grievances and contribute towards building a peaceful and harmonious society.

AMUST has an excellent track record in its regularity and punctuality of efficient production and distribution and has been successfully received by all sections of the society, having received numerous awards of excellence from government as well as community organisations during the last few years.

Australian Muslim Times originally started in January 1991 as a multilingual community newspaper and then restarted as an English only full colour print newspaper from July 2014 renamed Australasian Muslim Times AMUST.

In keeping with the advances made in multimedia digital technology AMUST soon expanded to become a multicultural multimedia platform run by Seena Incorporated, a not for profit volunteer based organisation producing a monthly newspaper in print as well as digital e-Newspaper, a weekly Email Newsletter, a dynamic frequently refreshed website and presence on major social media platforms in order to disseminate positive community news about our Australian multicultural community.

AMUST reached out not only to Muslim but all Australians as well as globally via its website and email networks in order to promote multiculturalism, global outlook, concept of one Ummah, social justice and unity of mankind against racial, linguistic and national prejudices.

Although initially starting as a Muslim Media initiative, AMUST is not limited to be for Muslims, by Muslims or of Muslims. Keeping in mind that we live in a pluralistic world, AMUST platform aimed to be inclusive of people of other faiths as well as no faith who align with us for the sake of freedom of speech, justice, equality and fair play.

Currently AMUST is a community based media platform largely catering for Australia & New Zealand region, but now aims to broaden its horizon further to include global issues and broaden its world wide reach.

In order to do so, AMUST  is launching three new products/services in addition to the existing ones:

  1. AMUST International: Quarterly Newsmagazine
  2. AMUST TV: Online Community News and Commentary
  3. AMUST Global : Community Newsmedia Network

Small is Beautiful but Large is Awesome. The community level local efforts should learn from each other, cooperate and strengthen each other’s efforts by credible communication and sharing of expertise, skills and rich experience.

In this globalised word, we should indeed work locally but think globally and reach out from our own limited environment to teach and learn from others working in the same field with similar aims.

Sometimes we try to convert the converted so they can clap for us. Our voices must reach outside our own little ghettos, to our adversaries, to people of other faiths and thinking, to people who have the power to influence on the basis of our honesty, reasoning and fairness.

AMUST wishes to reach out to similar community based media efforts in various parts of the world to get to know each other, strengthen our communication lines and work together for delivery of positive good news together with chalked our media campaigns to raise our voices in unison against oppression and injustice in a coordinated way.

I invite all our readers, well wishers, writers and supporters within Australia and globally to join the AMUST International Webinar on Sunday 19 July 2020, 3-4.30 pm (AEST).

Kindly register at your earliest convenience:  amust.com.au/webinar