The amazing global events, discussed in AMUST #171 and 174, are Signs from the Almighty for us to reflect, reform and better our societies. A new Sign is the gruesome killing of George Floyd by a white police officer – one of continuing murders of American blacks by police.

It’s an iconic image – a knee on Floyd’s neck – of white supremacism that has caused the world too much pain over 400 years. White supremacism reminds of Satan’s arrogance in refusing to prostrate before Adam. The officer’s arrogance rejected Floyd’s precious humanity.  

One Latino explained: “With the murder of Floyd, a seething rage that lay coiled beneath the surface of the ‘American Dream’ turned nightmare, exploded across a nation … The subsequent rebellion expresses the anger of people who confront a stifling social reality that threatens their existence … decades of  racial injustice.”

Al-Qur’an guides: “O mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes that you may know each other. Surely, the most honourable of you with Allah is the most righteous of you.” (49:13)

African-Americans face the brunt of crises impacting the US. Firstly, COVID-19 disproportionately kills African-Americans at twice the rate of whites due to systemic racism.

Black bodies are sicker as they more often experience hazardous jobs, unemployment, lack health insurance, and unhealthy neighborhoods.

Secondly, the downturn acerbates harm on blacks from the US capitalist system emphasizing high investment returns. African-Americans in 2018 earned 60% of non-Hispanic white incomes  while 35% of young black men are unemployed – twice that of whites.

The wealth gap between blacks and whites (unchanged since 1990) is even wider with ‘median worth’ of African-Americans one-tenth of non-Hispanic whites.

Thirdly, the justice system protects non-blacks while exposing blacks to harm.

The 2016 incarceration rate was six times higher for blacks than whites. 87%  of blacks and 61% of whites believe US criminal justice treats black people unfairly.

Rather than white-collar criminals, it’s so much easier to arrest ‘little people.’

“Violence employed by police and security agencies such as the FBI which have devolved into occupying forces, to protect the exclusive interests of a tiny ruling class, exposes the fiction of the rule of law.” (Chris Hedges)

Well-being of US citizens fell over the past 40 years.

The US incarcerates a greater proportion of citizens (700/100,000) than any other country.

Life expectancy reflecting quality of a country’s health system, shows the US 38th and falling.

The Fordham Institute Social Health index  showed marked decline from the 1970s, especially increasing income inequality between rich and poor.

The US has one of the highest Gini income inequality indices (47.0; Australia 30.3).

Since mid-1970s, economic growth rose while social health stagnated as elite power increased. As living conditions deteriorated for disadvantaged citizens, crime rose.

Islam however, teaches that part of the wealthy’s wealth is the poor’s right: “it shall be taken from the rich among them and turned over to the poor.” (Al-Bukhari).

If the government fails to ensure jobs or welfare and a needy person steals to feed his family, punishment is alleviated.

This richest capitalist economy is ruled by powerful elites. 1% of households own 38% of national wealth. The bottom 80% own just 17%.

10% of Americans own 84% of the stocks. The pandemic produced a massive wealth transfer to owners of financial assets, as the Federal Reserve supported large corporations.

S&P 500 Index recovered most of its value and most professionals/managers kept their jobs.

Workers experienced little protection. 40 million are unemployed.

Economic legacy from  the pandemic could increase elite wealth concentration that will shock the nation.

“Elite deviance and predatory financialization, militarization and deindustrialization of the US economy generates mass deviance because it creates the conditions of poverty and despair that breed insurrection and street criminality.” (Monaco)

Jonathon Cook stresses: “State institutions captured by corporate money, are increasingly incapable of responding to demands for change. The hollowed-out state represents not its citizens … but global forces of capital that care little what occurs on Minneapolis streets.”

The US political system is not truly democratic.  Billionaires bend politicians and elections to their will.

With its inferior treatment of African-Americans in education, employment, health, and an unjust criminal justice-policing system, the US has become an authoritarian state ruled by a corporate elite of wealthy whites and Zionists.

As this elite has lost legitimacy during the pandemic, the key is whether enough white Americans assist African-Americans to gain equality.

What could be gained is ultimately a peaceful and prosperous nation. Will it happen?

Most commentators doubt it. Trump is one of the Elite and Biden from past actions was their agent.

We ask God Almighty to rescue the weak and oppressed and raise sincere people who will help and protect them.