Every one around the world have been affected by this evil virus called COVID-19. But now slowly, life feels bit normal again as corona’s effects are loosening its grip on people. However, the whole of Ramadan we have been locked up and been in isolation from practicing our religious  rituals.

Cafes and Parks have been busy with the loosening of the corona virus shackles. Numbers of businesses slowly continue to grow from the last week of May 2020 in Australia.

Don’t know when actually all business & schools will start, but hopefully and slowly softening has started, we are adapting to challenging times, however it goes to show that how has the market will respond to the lifting of restrictions.

The events of the past four-five months have certainly not been what we envisaged for a new decade nor what our citizens had hoped for its centenary.

Through this global pandemic ,it has been heart warming to hear of numerous communities doing what they can to look  out for their most vulnerable friends.

Australians specially, Muslims have always been there to help (as Islamic teaching says)—as many volunteers such as doctors, nurses and community volunteers have been there to help.

All over, I must count on all Australians in times of need, and right now that’s still the case.

I would like to take this opportunity to ‘thank’ all the hard working people, including teachers and the frontline health workers(around the world) who are being prioritised the possible support to keep others safe.

Ironically, the world had been dealing with the Spanish flu pandemic long time ago which was just being brought under control in 1920. After 100 years again this pandemic has arrived punishing all the world.

The government will be looking  for  infrastructure projects to get the economy going again and we’ll continue to advocate strongly for all kinds of improvements and upgrades in our behaviours and thus will be free from COVID -19 and would soon see the “rain of blessings.”