The 3rd National Summit of the Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) was held online through a Zoom conference on Sunday 28 June 2020.

Over one hundred community leaders representing prominent organisations from across Australia came together to discuss important issues of concern to Australian Muslims.

The AAM aims to serve as a collaborative platform to coordinate and enhance efforts of common benefit for the Australian Muslim Community and its standing and contributions to the wider Australian community.

The delegates at the summit focused on the key areas of promoting an Australian Muslim identity; enhancing media and political engagement; strengthening public relations; and advocating for the protection of civil rights of minority groups.

In addition, the results of a survey of Australian Muslim Women was presented and discussed. Delegates were unanimous in their agreement that affirmative action needs to be taken to improve the involvement of women more generally, including in the activities of the AAM.

A proposal to establish a separate committee to collaborate on women’s affairs was referred to the next steering committee meeting for review.

Based on a pre-summit poll of members, a name change from the “Australian Muslim Community National Summit” (AMCNS) to the “Alliance of Australian Muslims” (AAM) was endorsed by delegates.

A proposed structure for a national operations committee was also approved.

Despite the limitations of using an online platform for the summit, the presentations were of a high calibre, with robust engagement and discussion resulting in a successful event overall.

The AAM is currently supported by over 200 mainstream Muslim organisations from all Australian States and Territories and is open to all mainstream and representative Muslim organisations and individuals who are active in the Australian Muslim community.

It is hoped that, with COVID-19 restrictions easing, the next National Summit may be held in person in November 2020, Insha-Allah (God Willing).

All Muslim organisations and community leaders are invited to attend and support this initiative. All nominations and expressions of interest to join AAM should be directed to [email protected]