Most students around the world are realising the value of time at school or uni. But how can we make the most of the time that we do have at school?

Your time at school is perhaps the most important part of your learning journey. Many students make the mistake of tuning out in class, not appreciate that the time lost in the classroom are much harder to replicate in their own time.

You spend a vast amount of time at school, so it is essential to use that time efficiently, and maximise that time so that you can cut down on the work you do after school. The better you use time at school, the less you’ll have to do in your own time!

Sit at the front of the class

If you find it difficult to concentrate in class, the best thing to do is remove all distractions. Sitting at the front the class improves your concentration, allowing you to absorb the content delivered in class, saving huge amounts of study time. You’ll be able to concentrate better, hear the teacher clearly and see the board distinctly.

 Don’t take notes in class when the teacher is explaining a concept

Taking notes when your teacher is explaining a concept can be counteractive. By taking notes as the teacher is teaching, you divide your attention span between the content being delivered and your writing.

It is better if you spend the time in class to listen and actively absorb the information being presented in the classroom. It is best if you write notes the same day after the lesson, or only write notes when your teacher is not speaking or explaining a concept.

Try to stay ahead of school

Find out what topics you are going to cover in your next class or the following week, and read through the relevant chapters in the textbook. You can even try some questions. By working ahead, you will be

  • Able to cover topics before you encounter them in class. That when you study it in class, it will be your second time and therefore will make more sense.
  • You will find it easier to complete classwork and homework – cutting down on study time.
  • You will perform better in exams and assessments as you’ve done the content twice!
  • Staying ahead, means that you can concentrate in class more, and take less notes because you’ve already covered the content and skills in your own time. You can instead focus on the teacher’s explanation to shore up your knowledge and understand those really hard topics you hadn’t fully grasped yet. However, the key thing to remember is that even though you’ve already covered the topics you are doing in class – don’t tune out!

Complete work as it’s given

If you get homework, complete it on the same day. Homework is given to students to reinforce the topics, content and skills they have learnt at school. It helps them revise and hone their skills. So, whilst the topic is still fresh in your mind, do your homework.

You’ll get through it faster, as it’s fresh and you will find that you remember the content. It will help you excel in class, and eventual in exams and assessments. If you are short on time, then make sure to complete homework that is due the next day – as a bare minimum.

With assessments, make sure to start early – they are obviously worth a lot more, and need more attention than homework. Try to start early so that you can avoid that last-minute all-nighters!

It’s important to make the best use of our time at all times, but it’s especially important to get the best out of school, as it is where you spend most of your time. It’s also where you have direct contact with teachers and are able to fully absorb knowledge.

Happy Studying!