Between July and November 2019, 7 open consultation sessions, 5 women’s consultation sessions, 3 student consultations sessions and over a dozen targeted consultation sessions were held in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville.

In February 2020, the Race Discrimination Team held 6 consultations in Perth and Darwin.

Wordclouds from each city are now available on the project webpage.

The project’s online survey was extended for an additional month due to stakeholder interest and closed on 30 September 2019. 1,017 Australian Muslims were surveyed about their experiences in Australia. Participation in the online survey was voluntary and responses were received from every state and territory. In addition to quantitative items, respondents were asked to share their personal experiences through free text answers.

What’s next?

During this period the Race Discrimination Team has completed collation of consultation notes including the creation of consultation word clouds, settled the structure of the findings collation, and completed research.

The Race Discrimination Team will continue writing the project findings, develop a release plan including developing a communications plan, and design and develop resources to support the release of the findings.

Key Themes

Media and political narrative: Community members spoke about the correlation between negative media and political narrative and an increase in aggression and violence towards Australian Muslim community members.

Racism: Australian Muslim community members continue to experience racism on a personal level across Australia. Incidents are occurring in public spaces like shopping centres, schools, public transport and prayer spaces.

Systemic and institutionalised discrimination: Australian Muslim community members referred to economic, social and political institutions and processes that reinforce discrimination, and see acknowledgement and inclusion of their unique cultural identity and history as critical to inclusion.

The need for broader community allies: Australian Muslim leaders advised the Commission that the support of leaders from non-Muslim community organisations would have an important role in engaging and improving cross-cultural relations.

Policing and countering violent extremism: