NSW Muslim MP Shaoquett Moselmane has categorically denied any wrongdoing and has claimed that he is the target of political lynching.

He was speaking at his first media conference on Monday 29 June 2020 after his house was raided by Australian Federal Police on Friday 26 June as part of an investigation into foreign interference into Australian political system.

“The investigation is into certain other people, allegedly advancing the goals of a foreign Government, namely the Peoples Republic of China,” he said.

“I am under no illusion that this is a serious investigation,” he said, while emphasising, “Let me tell you, I have done nothing wrong.”

Mr Moselmane said that he is not a suspect in the AFP espionage investigation but is taking leave from the parliament while the investigation takes place.

He had earlier stated that his views on China and its handling of coronavirus had resulted in him being forced to resign as assistant president of the upper house. (See AMUST issue #175 June 2020 Witch-hunt of Shaoquett Moselmane condemned).

Mr Moselmane said his views on China were the views that any Australian was entitled to have.

“As you are aware, the Australian Chinese community has been under sustained political, racial and physical abuse. They do not deserve the slander that they have received and they certainly did not deserve the abuse and violent physical attacks they have so far sustained.

“Chinese-Australians are a humble law-abiding group of citizens who go about their lives in peace, looking after their families and minding their own business.”

“I am proud of them, I am also proud of my association with them and proud to stand up for them in these tough and unjust times.”

In March 2020 an extraordinary, slanderous campaign was launched against Mr Moselmane that he claimed came from the Far Right of Australian politics.

Thereafter he rebutted the statements from right wing shockjocks and newspaper columnists.

Talking about his loyalty to Australia, he said, “I may have been born in Lebanon, but my loyalties are to Australia and I am proud that I have been a citizen for over 40 years. I have served on my local council for 15 years and in the NSW parliament for the past decade. My allegiance is first and foremost to Australia.”

On being accused of making a statement, “Today, the obsolete scum of ‘white Australia’ is once again flooding, and the theory of yellow fever has once again surfaced,” he said that it was a deliberate, mischievous mistranslation.

He clarified that, ”In my statement to the Chinese media, I used no such inflammatory language, “What I said was simple: ‘It’s the old white Australia fear of the ‘yellow peril’ resurfacing.’”

“I went to Professor Jing Han, Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Western Sydney University. Prof Han confirmed that the McKenzie translation is ‘taken directly from Google translation of the Chinese text…..For professional standards, Google translations cannot be used as accurate translation without being post-edited by qualified translators.’”

He has denied that his trips to China and accommodation were paid for by the Chinese government, saying, “Since 2012 I have been raising funds from multicultural communities to help the Australia-based charity, Wheelchairs For Kids Inc. A project of the Rotary Club of Scarborough West Australia supported by the Christian Brothers.

“I have delivered over 4000 wheelchairs to disabled children including Palestinian children with one container, one to Iraq, one to Libya, two containers to Syria, three containers to Lebanon, four containers to Pakistan and three containers to China.”

“After organising my own Kids-On-Wheels Alliance Inc, a registered charity, I have visited wheelchairs factories in China, and I am now negotiating with Chinese manufactures to produce more wheelchairs for distribution to needy children in China and around the world.”