I must believe that climate change must be true because there is so much evidence and proof around us. Climate change must be real since there are glaciers melting in Antarctica and the Arctic, bushfires/wildfires happening across California and Australia, Pacific islands sinking and flooding across the globe.

This article will surely convince you that CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!!!

Climate change must be real because ice is melting in Antarctica & the Arctic

I strongly believe that CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL because glaciers are melting and this is extremely true evidence. There have been many glaciers melting because of climate change.

National Geographic states “When President William Howard Taft of the United States, created Glacier National Park in 1910, it was home to an estimated, 150 glaciers. Since then the number has decreased to fewer than 30”.

This evidence that glaciers are melting because of climate change, can be seen when comparing photos of glaciers from 1900’s from photos taken today.

These melting glaciers will create more drastic and destroying events to affect human life and all life on earth.

Smoke clouds from the Australian bushfires in late 2019/early2020.

Disastrous weather events are becoming more common in Australia due to climate change

Australia is experiencing more droughts, flooding, extreme heat, major bushfires and these mighty events may seem already extreme but will be more intense as we leave our beautiful environment slip through our hands.

The bushfires in Australia started in late 2019 and ended in early 2020. This was very unusual, and I think that global warming must have contributed to these bushfires.

The flooding in Australia has been very intense and has destroyed areas of Sydney in many disastrous ways. The flooding has destroyed many structures and global warming must have also helped it to become stronger.

Drought in Australia is becoming very common and is going to be the new normal if climate change is still thriving.

Many unusual events are happening around the country and are becoming the new normal.

So you must agree with me that climate change is real because of all this overwhelming evidence.

Australian bushfires.

The age of the 6th global mass extinction has arrived

This is the 6th major mass extinction across the globe. This is the global mass extinction because humans are cutting down trees, using fossil fuels, eating too much meat, using lots of fuel, hurting and killing animals, having wet markets, and many, many more problems that humans are making.

Global warming is killing and destroying precious life on earth. An example of this huge decline in wildlife is the great barrier reef bleaching off the coast of eastern Australia.

“We were really shocked. No scientist expected to see three severe bleaching events in just five years.” Professor Hughes spent nine days in an aeroplane surveying the damage to the reef. (Sourced from ABC News).

Bleaching is obviously happening because sea temperatures are rising at a fast pace and therefore corals cannot live since they are not used to this abnormal environment.

Once this bleaching effect happens increases, it will cause a huge domino effect to all other species of marine life that rely on this coral. Marine life will die and the rare life that humans have not discovered will be destroyed forever.

Lots of marine life will die out and this will just become the destructive start of all marine life on earth! Also many wildlife are also disappearing all across the earth on land as well.

The Australian 2019-2020 bushfires affected lots of native wildlife across the country. More than 1 billion animals were killed in the bushfires.

Moreover this number will be increasing even more after the bushfires because of continuing deforestation, future bushfires, animals being run over by vehicles on the road and more common droughts.

As a result of this, all animals in Australia shall die and go extinct. Most species go extinct because of deforestation and habitat loss. When trees are cut down carbon dioxide level increases and oxygen level decreases.

The carbon dioxide emissions contribute to global warming at a quite a high rate. Humans are cutting too many trees down, and are not cutting the trees down at a sustainable rate and this will increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Unless we stop releasing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, this will be the harsh reality that will warm the earth too quickly and wildlife wont have enough time to adapt to warmer temperatures so they will perish.

We must take action to STOP this harsh reality and this chaotic world from happening NOW!!!

You surely will believe with me that climate change is real because of glaciers melting, disastrous weather events happening all across Australia and this mass extinction on earth.

Climate change MUST be real because of all the evidence that is provided in this article. We must act together NOW if we want our future generations to live in harmony with nature for the years to come!

Reality check: Climate change is REAL!!!