The  COVID-19 lockdown has reduced the on-ground jobs for  international students in Australia. During this Quarantine period, international students were given an opportunity to learn how to work online from home.

This workshop was  offered by Young Innovators Australia and PakOZ team. The main objectives of this free online workshop were:

  • What are online jobs?
  • How much do we get paid?
  • Where to find them?
  • How to get trained free?
  • Who will help to get the job?
  • How to become a Micro Entrepreneur?

Young Innovators Australia chief mentor Shafqat Ali linked all participants through Zoom platform and the meeting started at 3 pm PST on 20 May 2020. All participants were from different localities of Pakistan and Australia aiming to learn something from this workshop.

After the introductions, the meeting was started. We were given a general idea about the importance of online work by putting some quotations like the story of a beggar who became a woodcutter and a Chinese saying that “Instead of giving some hungry person a fish, you should teach him how to catch one so that he can eat all his life.”

Some participants like Mr Wajahat shared his ideas and past experiences about online jobs and their importance in this pandemic period and future aspects. Some participants shared their past failures in this field and determination about the future.

The main agenda of this workshop was to make youngsters understand the importance of online work and how to begin this work. The slides were well designed and everything was understandable.

A mentor is very important if we want to work online because we need proper training, tools and techniques. He told us that this was the perfect time for us to learn because we have all the time in our hands and are willing to do anything.

Our mentor taught us the basics of entrepreneurship with general life examples by taking a step by step approach. He showed us a video of a YouTuber who taught people about earning online using a YouTube setting.

He taught us the importance of using different google tools like Google 3C. He gave us a basic idea of micro-entrepreneurship in which 9 or fewer people work on the same job.

Entrepreneurship is just like learning how to drive a motorbike in which a step by step approach is taken and you evolve and get better by practising more and more.

Many healthy discussions were held on this topic and we got to learn a lot by the experiences of those who are already in this business.

Our mentor told us about many online jobs we did not know before. So, as a whole, this workshop was worth attending and I hope that next will be even more informative than this and we will be able to establish our own business in no time.

 He shared different links of Google docs to know if anyone had questions. Some participants asked questions which were immediately answered.

At the end of the session, Shafqat Ali sent us forms asking about our field of choice so that he could give us proper instructions about those certain fields and we may earn from that profession. Considering our choices, he also gave us some sample works so that we could gain some experience.

Since the workshop, 12+ students are offering jobs in different areas. Students can apply for the available jobs at To learn more about the PakOZ project, visit their webpage HTTP://