Affected by four decades of war, Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world for a child.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, it was estimated that there were over 5 million children in need of humanitarian support.

The impact of a global pandemic has seen this increase to more than 7 million children at risk of starvation.

With only 0.3 doctors per 1000 people, Afghanistan’s fragile health system cannot fight the virus alone.

Preventative measures and restrictions, including the closure of markets and nation-wide lockdown, have rendered life in Afghanistan harder than ever.

Whilst prices for food and hygiene products have surged, at the same time, the ability to work and earn an income has decreased. 

Along with a breakdown in supply lines into the country, access to food and supplies within Afghanistan is incredibly difficult, and increasingly limited for the millions of children in need, placing orphans at a high risk of malnourishment. 

These children have already suffered enough, growing up amongst war, conflict, and poverty. 

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