Meat is said to be the jewel in the crown of foods. Our Prophet (s) has consumed the meat of the following animals – camel, lamb, goat, fat-tailed lamb (Dumba), rabbit, wild donkey (Gor-e-khar), poultry, quail (hubbari) and fish. (Seerat-un-Nabi by Shibli Nomani 2/158,160)

Now we talk about our national animal in Australia: kangaroo. As per information available from Guardian Weekly, it is one of the healthiest red meat available, exceptionally lean, organic, very high in iron and zinc, packaging a nutritional punch.

An attempt was made to rebrand kangaroo meat as “Australus” following a public competition run by The Kangaroo Industry Association. The marketing changed to re-branding kangaroo from a cheap protein option to a premium game meat, like venison- deer meat. Due to its tenderness and taste, it has become popular among wellness gurus.

There is a fatwa by Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate ( Diyanet), Muslims living in Australia or anywhere in the world can eat kangaroo/wallaby meat as it is considered halal food, because it is classified in the same category with other grass-eating clean animals like the deer, gazelle and antelopes. However it should be zabiha slaughtered. (The Moroccan Times, 23 July 2015)

Similarly, Pakistani scholar, Mufti Taqi Usmani posted in his monthly ‘Al Balagh’ 11 zilqada 1428 AH viz 22 November 2007 as follows: “A kangaroo is a halal animal because there is no basis for its prohibition. The only condition is that it should be slaughtered with all necessary conditions of Islamic slaughtering”.

Darul Ifta, Australia has also proclaimed kangaroo and wallabies meat halal (10th March, 2014). Thus avenues have to be explored to obtain halal kangaroo meat. In this connection, organisations like Australian Government Authorised Halal Program (AGAHP) have to play an active role.

They will have to collaborate with organisations like Kangaroo Harvesting Program ( KHP). Muslim shooters have to be trained and authorised as harvesters of kangaroos and wallabies for commercial purposes.

The Approved Islamic Organisation (ATO) will also have to play an active role in training of muslim shooters properly, as well as overlooking the arrangements at the establishment.

It should be ensured by constant vigilance and regular inspection that the Kangaroo Halal product is prepared, handles, packaged and stored separately properly.Thus all efforts could make halal nutritious delicious kangaroo meat the most sustainable enterprise viable.