Scientific and technological development needs to be guided by values and ethics. The moral orientation and the unity of the sciences centred on shared values will foster the common good, and sustainable and equitable development (see figure 1).

The threats posed by nuclear weapons and environmental destruction require global solutions, based on a global worldview.

Our shared struggles show us how interdependent we are and the importance of our obligations to the global community.

The Covid-19 pandemic made this fact very clear. This suggests the unavoidable need for universal values and global approaches in this global era.

A spirit of cooperation will only be attained when human beings come to view themselves as members of the same human family. This change in human consciousness is vital for humanities survival.

Historically, spiritual traditions have promoted universal values that are global in nature. They focused on the big questions of life, rather than just politics or nationalism.

In the past communities needed to construct large collectives such as nations to deal with problems that no single tribe could address. They encountered opportunities that could not be exploited without large-scale cooperation.

Now, nation states cannot deal with global problems on their own. Nationalism has many benefits, but it has no viable plan to run the world.