City of Canterbury Bankstown has announced that it is proud to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with its community this year by getting behind Recipes for Ramadan.

City of Canterbury Bankstown, in southwest metropolitan Sydney, is the largest Council, by population, in NSW and proudly home to one of the most richly diverse and multicultural communities in Australia.

Since its creation with the merger of the two LGAs in 2016, CBCity, under the leadership of Mayor Khal Asfour, has championed the City’s rich diversity and the mosaic of cultures that makes Canterbury-Bankstown the unique place that it is.

Mayor Khal Asfour said Ramadan has a special place in CBCity’s heart, given the rich diversity of its community.

“Our City not only has the largest population in New South Wales but is also the most multicultural,” Mayor Asfour said.

“That is one of the exceptional qualities of Canterbury-Bankstown and one that I am proud to say characterises my City.

“Traditionally, our Council hosts Sydney’s largest Ramadan festival, Ramadan Nights Lakemba which in the spirit of Ramadan brings everyone together not just from within the community but from across Sydney to enjoy food from around the world.  Ramadan Nights Lakemba attracts tens of thousands of people from near and far each night during the holy month and has become an annual event on the Sydney calendar.”

“Unfortunately, given the Coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to host the event this year. But I still wanted us to celebrate the month with our community, which is why I am pleased we are able to sponsor Recipes for Ramadan.

“My family and I, and my Deputy Mayor Bilal El-Hayek and his family will also be sharing some recipes for you to try at home when you break your fast.”

Mayor Asfour’s and Deputy Mayor El-Hayek’s recipes and photos or video will be published in next Friday’s AMUST newsletter and on the Recipes for Ramadan website

“We hope that people who would have wanted to visit Ramadan Nights will enjoy the invitation to a virtual Iftar and the tastes and cultures that Recipes for Ramadan provides and hopefully, once people can start visiting their friends and family, they will be able to share these recipes and enjoy cooking and eating them together.”