How you can use your time in the Covid-19 Quarantine to help yourself and others.

The world finds itself in a very unfamiliar period of time. And there are going to be 2 types of students.

  • The Netflix (Non-Students)
  • The Non-Netflix Students

My guess is the Non-Netflix students are those being more productive and finding ways to help themselves and others through this challenging time.

Here are 3 tips for students who need to get through and possibly make it out of this with a purpose that will be for the greater good.

  1. Use a journal or book that really appeals to you.

It may sound silly to some, but if you find yourself a book that you can really just reflect in and scribe your thoughts in, it will keep you motivated.

I have to admit, it was the cover that really caught my eye. What made it even more mind boggling was that I reached for it, flipped through it and actually got more excited each time I turned the page.

My 14 year old son who has so many of my qualities reminded me of myself when I was 14. We both found parts of the journal hilarious and thought it would be so much fun.

I bought it! The ‘Wreck This Journal’ has actually his outlet of enjoyment. It reaches out to him and encourages him to write without fear of making mistakes.

With time and habit, he will (hopefully) become more comfortable and write without hesitation when he really does need to write. Interested in the Wreck this Journal, click on the link below. Wreck This Journal

  1. Use tools that mean a lot to you

I love pens! I collect them and yes, I will take the free pens at every conference, seminar or event that I attend. My favourite pen? My Swarovski pen that was gifted to me several years ago from a colleague. Nobody is allowed to use that pen and I have a little rule for myself – use this only for my journaling!

Ask yourself the question?

What is it that I need to use that will get me motivated?

It could very well be the paper and how smoothly pens write on the paper you like. Or the app on a particular device that helps you get started. A word of warning though, if you choose to use a device, train yourself not to be distracted by notifications.

  1. Write one small thing everyday

You will have days where you could write pages and pages. Then there will be days where you will sit for hours doing anything you can other than actually write. And not even get the first word on the page.

My tip – start with, ‘I have no clue what to write so I am going to start with what I did today’….start with this and you will start to delve into the thoughts you had throughout the day.

If it’s an assignment or task that you’re trying to get done, it will eventually come out on that paper and then you just need to sift through all the irrelevant information to find what your whole point or argument is going to be in your assignment.

Anyone who tries to tell me they have wasted their time writing all that other stuff. Well, you’re saying this to the wrong person.

Our thoughts on paper are one of the most productive ways to move forward and evaluate ourselves. And this rule applies to anyone for anything they may be trying to achieve.