Unity Grammar values a holistic, balanced approach to education so that we produce conscientious students with a concern for others who become responsible citizens. The college facilitates this through an established community service and volunteer program both locally and abroad.

Over the last few years this includes a number of local initiatives including distributing food and sleeping bags to the homeless community, caring for the environment, projects with the elderly and disabled as well as distributing generous food hampers prior to the start of Ramadan.

Whilst Covid 19 and its associated lockdown restrictions including not being able to use students has presented some challenges the community projects at Unity Grammar have not stopped. Staff and volunteers have ensured the path to goodness continues.

This includes staff and volunteers assisting the Exodus Foundation with preparing and serving hot meals to over 270 needy people, many of whom were homeless at their centre in Ashfield. This activity is usually done by our Yr. 10 students and on some instances, we invite independent schools from other faith groups to join us. This allows young people from diverse backgrounds to work together to help others.

More recently staff and volunteers distributed 82 generous food packages or hampers to needy families including the elderly, the disabled, widows with young families and refugees on temporary visas who are not entitled to government assistance.

Many of the recipients are from other faith backgrounds as well as indigenous families and this initiative promotes goodwill between different communities and celebrates our shared humanity.

The food hampers are donated by families of the school and local supporters and prior to Covid 19 we usually collect over 250 hampers, packaged by Yr. 11/12 students who with the help of our alumni also assist with the distribution.

Unity Grammar is proud to be making a difference to communities locally as well as abroad where our staff and alumni engage in sustainable long-term infrastructure projects in Cambodia.

Once the pandemic has passed, we look forward to our students and staff participating in these events again and until them we will continue our commitment to engage with local communities and assist where we can to help others.

Ramadan Kareem