The former prime minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has made scathing attacks on the Murdoch media empire who “routinely exploit and encourage intolerance and racial and religious animosities” on an international scale, in his new memoir, A Bigger Picture to be published next Monday 20 April 2020.

Mr Turnbull singled out 2GB broadcasters Alan Jones and Ray Hadley being full of “vanity and megalomania” who loved to berate and bully politicians like him who weren’t “in their pocket”.

He says that the News Corp campaign against his government was driven in part by the Murdoch’ concern that he could not be bought.

He also blamed News Corp newspapers for undermining his efforts to combat climate change and said that Murdochs are the “fiercest defenders of Trump” and “keenest promoters of Brexit”.

Mr Turnbull said that media outlets including Fox News must take much of the blame for the US being a divided, inward-turning nation today.

He said that Australia is exposed to a “debased” media culture that allows News Corp co-chairman Rupert Murdoch to wield influence over national leaders.

Mr Turnbull tells of Mr Murdoch saying “we have to get rid of Malcolm” in the final days of his government in August 2018, taking this as proof the media boss was signing up to the “lunatic” agenda of former prime minister Tony Abbott.

He says he was attacked relentlessly by the company’s rightwing columnists and they gave a “powerful platform to a vindictive, vengeful enemy of my government”.