Bravo Marise Payne for calling out the necessity for an international investigation into China’s lack of transparency regarding the origin of Covid-19.

It’s artfulness is unacceptable and an explanation is critical lest the predicted Second Wave occur and equally to prepare against possible future pandemics.

Curious, for example that it was able to dispatch 58 million masks to Australia having swept us clean of protective equipment while saying nout about the disease already raging through Hubei province last year.

Due to the USS Roosvelt withdrawing from Indo-Pacific deployment, China is stepping up its machaevillan movements in the South China Sea. Last week a Chinese surveillance vessel  sank a Vietnamese vessel fishing in waters around the disputed Paracel Islands .

Is it not suspicious that the Chinese are currently active in buying companies stricken by the virus: the latest being an expressed interest in Virgin Australia. What is illogical is that China itself holds the right to veto were such an inquiry raised by the UN Security Council so that outside this enfeebled body we need every nation to support Minister Payne’s call  for international co-operation.

World economies from the biggest to the smallest have been impacted by Covid-19. Some countries are so deeply in debt that they may never recover and tens of millions around the globe are now unemployed.

Xi Jinping must bear responsibility for the lies and cover-up coming out of Wuhan. We can’t bring back the dead but justice must be done on their behalf and compensation for the living is essential.